Why The Movie “Over the Edge” Deserves a Modern Reboot

Reboot used to be a dirty word to my ears, but there are movies that would benefit from a chance to revisit them in a modern-day setting, but Over the Edge might need a good bit of work before it was really made into something that might be deemed as worthwhile for the current era. The story alone is something that could be understood by a lot of people since it essentially involves putting a bandage over a broken bone, so to speak. The broken system that many love to speak about over and over is something that is represented in this movie since it has a lot to do with wanting to give kids something to do that doesn’t involve anything illegal, only to watch them rebel and find illegal things to do since they’re being given a very limited number of options. It would also be pertinent since the death that sparks the movie off in a big way, resulting as it does from the fact that adults in the movie don’t pay enough attention to the kids and their behavior, could easily be turned into something that people would relate to. The downfall of this however is that it could end up being a way to virtue-signal in an even bigger way, and depending on the political opinion of the director and the studio making the reboot could become a lightning rod for one movement or another showing how the problem is either worse or not as bad as people think.

The story is pretty simplistic in detailing how the adults are too career-oriented and don’t pay attention and the kids are simply looking for some way to express themselves and the energies that they have to release from time to time. But it would imply that adults pay little to no real attention to the kids, which then might explain to some why the kids enter into troubling behaviors. In other words, it’s the fault of the adults for being busy, productive, and trying to give the kids a better life, meaning that the kids are rebelling simply because they want more attention. Sadly this is a very realistic way of life, and neither side is completely innocent since at a certain age kids do have a sense of right and wrong, and entering into behaviors that are harmful and risky might not always be their fault. But again, that’s a little too simplistic and tends to absolve kids that are of the age to know right from wrong of any responsibility. Seeing how dangerous this could be it might be deemed important by any filmmaker to give a solid reason as to why some people decide that morality is just something that gets in the way.

From a certain standpoint, this movie could be a very important addition to the current era since if someone managed to get hold of it and turn the movie into something that would relate to the social climate of today then it’s very likely that it might be given a great deal of attention. Given the content and the overall subject, it might actually be more interesting than many people might initially think since the truth is that a lot of folks have probably forgotten about the movie entirely. Maybe Matt Dillon would want to give a cameo performance just to remind people, or maybe not, but it does feel as though this movie would enter into different territory if it were remade today since the current environment that people are living in tends to be even more disturbing than the movie showed back in its day. It feels odd to say such a thing since a lot of people were no doubt hoping that things would only improve throughout the years, but at the current moment, the unity that people are wanting so badly isn’t happening quite the way that people want. Getting this movie rolling feels like it would be something that might have been taken with a great deal of caution simply because upsetting the wrong crowd these days isn’t always the wisest move. We can all say that ‘it’s just a movie’ but the sad part of life in this current era is that if something offends someone then there’s going to be an issue that erupts somewhere as someone takes things a little too far.

Of course, that’s kind of the gist of this movie, and as a result, it could be like shining a mirror on the current era that people could look upon. Chances are that people wouldn’t want to look and might ignore the main point, but it would be a good attempt all the same. If nothing else, seeing this movie remade might wake up a few people to the reality of the world they currently live in.

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