Why Simu Liu’s Costume in Shang-Chi Will Cause Mixed Reactions

Why Simu Liu’s Costume in Shang-Chi Will Cause Mixed Reactions

Why Simu Liu’s Costume in Shang-Chi Will Cause Mixed Reactions

The costume any star wears means everything. The garb or suit the actors wear for war will distinguish them from the counterparts of comic books. If they are honest about what they wear, it will help sell toys. The star is upgraded in the next Marvel movie: Shang-Chi-the Legend of the Ten Rings. Shang-Chi has worn a costume that is in his comic books, but it is relatively dated. That said, it is in the form of a headband and a robe. In an interview, Simu Liu opened up about his emotional but hilarious story behind wearing the outfit for the first time. There is no way Shang-Chi can be a household name in the superheroes history of Marvel comics. There are many Captain America and Spider-Man stories any creator can give. Marvel Studios will have to plug the comic roster to find the one who can support a franchise.

Who is Shang-Chi?

Meet Shang-Chi, a Kung Fu master with a powerful father called Tony Leung and a strange mother. His parents give him unique powers that he hesitates to utilize to the fullest. In the new movie, we will see Shang-Chi -Legend of the Ten Rings, a starring role played by Simu Liu, coming from the shadows claiming his birthright. In the process, he steps on a costume which he eventually inherits. Liu talked about his first time wearing the costume and how agitated he was the entire day while on set. “They took to this place in the golf cart…seemed like a fortress. No windows could be seen. I needed to wear a cloak to go in. I had not worn the outfit yet! And they were persuading me to wear a cloak,” Liu explained.

It may seem an important impression to ordinary people like us. But Marvel Cinematic Universe now counts Simu Liu on board. The inclusion came with fan fascination and scrutiny, but somehow, he understood. However, it was time to try the final costume. The suit, whose designer is Kym Barret, had three pieces. Each layer had a natural sensation for Liu. “It gave my spine some chills. Looking at in the mirror made me emotional, by just starring at it,” Liu told CinemaBlend when he was finally wearing the costume. Probably, we would also feel the same. Black Widow’s David Harbour described it as selling the best Halloween costume. The look on Shang-Chi is a perfect blend of update and tradition and worthy of fighting. It is also a fantastic outfit that the young kids are craving.

Simu Liu Almost Cried When He Wore His Hero Costume

Simu Liu, the star in Shang-Chi – The Legend of the Ten Rings, says he almost shed tears when he wore the suit for the first time. When Marvel Cinematic Universe sought new roles on the screen, it announced Shang-Chi would get a solo film. The news started with San Diego Comic-Con. Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, also confirmed that Liu would get the martial arts role alone. Marvel Studios has kept Shang-Chi details classified so far. They have managed to begin and finish filming with three cast members that they officially announced. In October 2020, the film’s production was finally complete after going under for a long time due to COVID-19 lockdown measures. With the limited leakage of set photos, fans have not yet seen how Simu Liu looks as the Kung Fu Master. But he discusses how he felt wearing the suit for the first time.

Toronto Life interviewed Liu to promote Kim’s Convenience season 5. They asked him about his involvement with the MCU and his Shang-Chi role. They also asked about his memorable moments during production, and he mentioned wearing the Shang-Chi costume. Liu did not mention its looks, but he said the moment was so significant that it nearly made him break into tears. “It was the first time I was trying the Shang-Chi suit. There has never been an Asian lead in Marvel; therefore, the moment was impactful and rare. That applies to me, as an actor, and also to those looking like me. I almost cried. It was emotional. You can’t believe on the fifth day I was complaining about the many zippers,” Liu said.

Cast Change

MCU was condemned since its leading characters had no diversity in the first two phases. Therefore, Marvel changed that during the Third Phase. It took a decade for MCU to present the first solo film with a Black superhero starring. It also took eleven years to present the first movie led by a female. Therefore, Shang-Chi is the first MCU movie in history to be led by an Asian. This important representation hit Liu hard when he wore the suit. The costume has many zippers, but it remains to be seen as the suit looks. Liu has had various designs in the comic. The zipper comment means that the MCU design is getting more modern depictions. It seems they will get rid of the shirtless look soon. Shang-Chi-the Legend of the Ten Rings in the US was released on September 3. It is not far from the beginning of the marketing campaign. Due to uncertainty in theatres and the ongoing pandemic impacts, Marvel will reveal the costume look in Simu Liu when they are confident that there will be no more delays.Shang-Chi, a Kung Fu master

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