Why Patty Jenkins Refuses to Make a Netflix Movie

Why Patty Jenkins Refuses to Make a Netflix Movie

Why Patty Jenkins Refuses to Make a Netflix Movie

One initial reaction to Patty Jenkins’ idea that she’s only bound to make big-screen movies and doesn’t want to make anything that would hit a streaming site first or at the same time is that she and anyone else that mirrors this idea aren’t being nearly flexible enough. Upon further review, it becomes easier to state that big-screen movies do have a certain allure to them as they tend to give people a different experience and are therefore far more appealing. There are quite a few to consider when it comes to this matter since one can say that Jenkins is just as money-hungry as anyone else in Hollywood and doesn’t want to take a pay cut after having directed big-name movies, but others might state that she simply wants to give the audience something that will wow them and leave each fan wanting more and more. Knowing where to stand is tough if one is stuck in the mire that has been produced by this subject, but standing apart from it all as an unbiased observer grants one a better idea of where each person is coming from.

Of course Patty wants to make big-screen pictures, it’s what a lot of directors get into the business for, since going halfway or compromising all the time isn’t something that a great director is willing to do since the point of their work would be lost after a while. But on the flip side, plenty of people still enjoy what directors put out no matter if it’s on the big screen or is sent to streaming the same day or instead of being pushed to the theaters. Even the compromise, featuring a movie in the theater and on streaming, isn’t good enough since the incentive to get up and go to the theater in the middle of a pandemic, no matter that safety precautions are being taken, still isn’t quite good enough for anyone apparently. It’s too easy to throw your hands up and declare that it’s all a mess, especially when directors such as Jenkins are adamant about what they want to create.

Hoping that she’ll change her mind or come around to a different line of thinking doesn’t feel likely since she was ‘heartbroken’ during 2020 when there was no other choice but to release to streaming since it was either this or delay any and all movies that fans were waiting on. As it happens, many movies were still delayed beyond belief due to the pandemic rather than being released on one streaming network or another, and the fan reaction has been pretty easy to notice. Patty’s desire to only create theatrical only releases isn’t hard to figure out but there is a reason why it sounds like something that might be a tad bit selfish, speaking from the viewpoint of a fan. Many directors have gone on and on about the experiences they remember from their own youth when it came to sitting in the darkened theater while watching the next big thing to come out or the movie of the week, and so on and so forth. But at this point, standing your ground to make the content that you want to make can be seen as a positive thing, but it can also be viewed in a very negative light as well.

In this case, Jenkins is making it clear that if she can’t make a big-screen movie then she’s not going to make anything. It’s likely that she would go on to direct TV shows if that’s what it came to, but if more and more movies start being picked up by streaming platforms it’s fair to say that she might actually pull away rather than conform to any studio that wants to show a movie on streaming and in theaters at the same time. The matter of money when it comes to those who receive such a huge share of the profits is hard to argue with, but plenty of people try to argue both sides of the debate. At the end of the day, it feels as though Patty might need to bend just a bit in order to make things work as best they can, but it’s not likely to happen with the way things sound at this time.

Trying to figure out if a person is working a job they love to do for the money or for the actual love of it sometimes is a bit difficult, especially when a lot of people will claim that they are doing the job they love and don’t care about the pay. Unfortunately, the last part of that sentence is usually a pretty bold lie since if they weren’t getting paid it’s fair to state that many people in the entertainment industry might not be where they are today.making it clear

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