10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bobby Soto

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bobby Soto

In order to gain success as an actor, you must be patient and resilient. You have to be willing to put in lots of hard work, and then have faith that your hard work will pay off. After more than a decade of hard work, Bobby Soto has finally gotten to a place where his hard work is paying off. Soto has made lots of on screen appearances over the years, but it’s his work in the 2020 film The Tax Collector that has become his break out opportunity. In the film, he stars opposite Shia LaBeouf and Bobby’s performance packs plenty of star power. With his name officially on the radar, Bobby has proven once and for all that he is here to stay. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Bobby Soto.

1. He Met David Ayer At A Dojo

Bobby’s journey to being cast on The Tax Collector is about as unique as it gets. He actually met the films director, David Ayer, at a dojo in Echo Park. The two quickly became friends. At the time, Bobby didn’t know his newfound friend was thee David Ayer, and Ayer didn’t know that Bobby was an actor. After months of hanging out, they got around to discussing what they each do for work. Once David found out that Bobby was an actor, he knew he wanted to work with him.

2. He Is Grateful For Every Opportunity He’s Had

It can be very easy to take things for granted, but Bobby has made it a point not to ever make that mistake. He knows just how hard it can be to get opportunities in the acting world and he is very grateful for all of the things he’s been able to accomplish so far in his career.

3. He Started Acting At An Early Age

Lots of people are just now getting familiar with Bobby’s work, but he has actually been working on his craft for most of his life. He said, “I’ve been grinding for this craft since I was 10 years old. It was a place for my mother to drop me off after school to keep me out of trouble while she went to work and I just stuck with it.”

4. He Initially Felt Some Anxiety Filming The Quarry

Getting the chance to work with well-known actors is great, but it can also be stressful. Bobby experienced this while filming The Quarry which starred Michael Shannon and Shea Whigham. At first, Bobby felt a little anxiety from working with such big stars, but he was also incredibly excited about the opportunity.

5. He Isn’t Very Active On Social Media

2020 has been a very big year for Bobby, and his fan base has grown tremendously. This means that the number of people searching for him on social media has also probably grown. However, he doesn’t have a very big presence on social media. He appears to have two Instagram accounts, but he doesn’t have many followers on either and both pages only have four posts.

6. He Created a Theater Company With Shia

While filming The Tax Collector, Bobby and Shia developed a real friendship that continues to this day. The two started a theater company in Los Angeles called The Slauson R.C. Theater School. According to its website, “Slauson Rec. Is an unconventional, experimental, devised theater. We write performance not text. We develop cutting-edge material in-house, through improvisation, nonfictional acting, and collaborative group work.” Bobby feels extra passionate about this project because he grew up in Los Angeles and loves being able to give back to the next generation.

7. He’s A George Lopez Fan

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve gotten the chance to work with someone who they grew up watching on TV. Bobby Soto can, though. Getting the chance to work with George Lopez on The Tax Collector was like a dream come true for Bobby. He grew up being a huge fan of George Lopez’ work and was excited to be so close to a person he had looked up to during his childhood.

8. He Has A Close Relationship With His Mom

Bobby doesn’t like to share much information about his personal life, but it’s clear that he has a very close relationship with his mother. His mother has always supported his dreams of becoming an actor and she has provided lots of advice and guidance throughout the years.

9. He Is Chicano

Bobby was born and raised in Los Angeles and he is a proud Chicano. Although he acknowledges that their can be fewer opportunities in Hollywood for Latinx actors, he is very grateful for people like David Ayer who have always cast brown people in his projects.

10. The Godfather Is One Of His Favorite Movies

Bobby has watched lots of movies throughout the years, but The Godfather is easily one of his favorite films which also means that he’s a big fan of Al Pacino’s work. The movie has always resonate with Bobby because it shows the complexities of choosing between good and bad.

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