Why Noah Centineo Dropped Out of The He-Man Reboot

One has to wonder if the Masters of the Universe movie is bound to head back on down to development hell now that Noah Centineo is out as Prince Adam, or if the movie will find another lead that can produce the desired effect of the prince/He-Man for the viewing pleasure of the audience. There’s been no definitive reason why Centineo is out, only the word that he’s no longer going to be acting in the movie for one reason or another. It’s the kind of blow this movie really doesn’t need since many folks have wanted to see this idea brought back to life for a number of years now, especially since the one and only live-action movie that was created was something that a lot of us accepted when it was first released, but is now kind of a laughable attempt since it shows that the director at the time, and the writers possibly, didn’t understand the nature or the form of the story that they were being asked to recreate. There were several moments that might have been deemed as ‘ok’ in the movie, but there was so much wrong with it that trying to list every single mistake would have taken too long for all but the most dedicated cynics. The fact that Dolph Lundgren played He-Man was pretty cool, but apart from that there wasn’t a whole lot to like about the movie other than the fact that, kind of like Mortal Kombat when it first came along, it was all we had. That’s one of the only saving graces of any movie that comes along and tries to be the first to present a franchise with a sound script and performance since, without anything else to compare it to, people are bound to accept it as much as they can.

The hope for Masters of the Universe this time around is that the source material would be given a little more attention since the story was a favorite of many people when we were younger, and it’s likely that if someone could bring to life that same story that people would pay attention once again. Master of the Universe has been an idea that a lot of fans have held onto for decades now, many with the hope that it would eventually find its way to the big screen once again. As the years have continued to go by though a lot of us have been continually disappointed to see that a He-Man adaptation, a faithful one, still hasn’t been forthcoming and that the idea is still stuck in development hell, one of the last places any story wants to be for any period of time. Too many stories hit that back burner, or shelf, or whatever people want it to be, and start to collect dust as the years roll by, and nothing is done with it. Without a lead now one has to wonder if the story is going to sit for a while once again or if another lead will be found that can round out the role of Prince Adam just as well as Centineo would have. As for Noah, his career is still moving forward without delay as he has a couple of projects that will keep him busy in the days to come. His absence in Masters of the Universe, if it continues forward, will no doubt be noted, but since he’ll have nothing else to do with the movie people might theorize why he left, but will otherwise move on as they try to figure out what’s next for the movie and if it will keep pushing ahead to try and hit theaters at some point, or streaming if that’s the desired case.

Right now the future of Masters of the Universe isn’t entirely certain, but if there’s any justice they’ll find another lead and things will be back on as normal and the movie will continue forward. If not, well, it’s not the first time it’s been stuck in development hell, and it found its way out this time, so all it really needs is someone with enough ambition to make it work and the patience to shake the dust off of it. He-Man and the rest of the cast are too important to the fans to be forgotten, so it’s likely that at some point we’re going to see something come from this idea. With everything that’s been happening in the entertainment industry though it’s hard to say what’s going to get a fair shake and which ideas will be focused on the most since at this point there’s so much to pay attention to that trying to focus on anything that doesn’t have a solid idea to back it up is bound to be set aside for the time being.

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