Why Mama June Put Much of Her Weight Back On

Why Mama June Put Much of Her Weight Back On

If you remember what Mama June used to look like then you’d know that the picture above and others on the web are a decided improvement. There could be a number of reasons why she’s putting the weight back on, but among them could be that keeping it off is just insanely hard. For those that have attempted to lose even a few pounds in the past it’s a very poignant and painful lesson at times to learn that weight gain is far easier than weight loss for many people. Unfortunately it is a lot simpler to eat and eat and eat and do almost nothing, or at least the bare minimum, when it comes to losing weight. But at this point it doesn’t sound as though doing the bare minimum is really June’s problem.

While diligence is a big reason why some people are at least able to maintain weight or keep it off entirely there are other issues that can arise from losing so much weight in such a short time. If you’ll remember, June lost a whopping three hundred pounds in what amounts to a very short period. Many would look at this and think that it might be like shedding another two people that were being carried around in terms of weight. But whether people want to believe it or not, and this is easy to read up on in medical journals and online articles that can give a variety of tips how to avoid it, rapid weight loss is not as safe as you might think.

The health risks that come with losing weight so rapidly have largely to do with the sudden shock that it will cause to the system. While a body, when overweight, is used to a certain amount of food per day the idea of taking it away and forcing the body to deal with less is a serious shock that can leave the body since it deprives the body of the needed nutrients that are important in day to day functions. It’s not a bad idea to limit portions, but cutting out food entirely or severely limiting one’s body when it comes to eating can cause rapid weight loss, but also a slew of health problems that can be highly detrimental to one’s health. This could be a big reason why June has been putting on the weight again since according to her and even her daughter Honey-Boo Boo she’s been experiencing a great number of health issues that have put her in the hospital a time or two.

There are obvious upsides to losing weight, especially when it comes to self-esteem and the amount of pressure that is taken off of a person’s joints and frame. But while the latter is hard to deny the former doesn’t seem to be something that June was allowed to enjoy. According to her daughter, if this is to be believed, June was still being harassed by people online who thought that her weight loss was something temporary and that she would regain the weight no matter what. If you’ve seen her after the weight loss you could easily admit that she looks great and even happier being able to move as she wants and enjoy the increased mobility. Why anyone would bother to pull her down, or even try, isn’t just petty, it’s borderline malicious. But this doesn’t seem like the reason she would put the weight back on.

A combination of the health problems she’s faced and the simple idea that keeping active and watching what she eats would be the best explanation since as many of us know avoiding the foods we love that aren’t good for us is kind of hard at times, and forcing ourselves to exercise on a daily basis can be a struggle. There’s either not enough time or motivation, or either one, and there’s usually a lot of access to foods that are anything but healthy but are easy to acquire and consume. Whether this is June’s issue or not when it comes to gaining the weight it does seem as though finding a healthy medium between her old self and her new self would be preferable to the health risks she had to deal with in either state. In terms of self-esteem it doesn’t really matter if a person is big or thin, it’s all a matter of what they think of themselves. But from a health standpoint it’s hard to argue that those who keep packing on weight and don’t ever exercise, or only do the bare minimum, are all that healthy.

Whether June will gain all the weight back or really try to keep herself on the path to a healthier lifestyle is hard to predict, but it does seem as though she’s happier after having lost so much weight.

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