Why King Shark Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Why King Shark Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Why King Shark Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

King Shark is an oddity when it comes to supervillains, which doesn’t say much in the DC universe since there are some seriously strange creatures to be found kicking around in the various comics that have been published for so many decades. King Shark is one of those that simply look dangerous though since there’s no mystery to how he came by his name, nor is there any need to wonder just what a few of his abilities are. But learning more about him and the manner in which he’s been used in the DC universe would be kind of nice since it feels as though he’s being thrust upon a lot of people when it comes to the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Comic book fans might know a lot about him at this time, but they need to remember that those that go to watch the comic book movies aren’t always up to date on some of the characters and could use a refresher. King Shark has been a part of the comics, animated series, and video games up to this point, but Suicide Squad will be his first time on the big screen. Since there’s no time between the release date for the Suicide Squad movie and now for another solo movie or series, it might be a good idea to be retroactive and fill people in on who this character is, why he’s important, and why giving him his own series, maybe not a movie, would be a good idea.

It would be great to know more about this character since a humanoid shark isn’t something that people get to see all the time, so it would be intriguing to figure out just how this guy came to be and to see an origin story of some sort. On top of that, it might be a fun way to bring a few other characters into the mix if such a thing was allowed. King Shark has taken on quite a few heroes and villains over the years, and Superboy and Aquaman are two of them, which would be fun to see in a series if it could happen. The CW might actually be a nice landing spot for a King Shark series if they were ever interested in making this happen, but it almost feels as though this would need to be an HBO Max series if it was really going to be considered, if only because the budget for this series or movie might need to be pretty high to make sure that King Shark is given the appearance that he needs and isn’t made to look like some guy in a rubber suit or a CGI nightmare that’s bound to scare the adults as much as the kids. But maybe it would be a good idea to go HBO Max as well if only because the propensity for King Shark to kill and even eat people might be better served on a site that would allow for such graphic material and would have an easier time of showcasing such savagery without getting in trouble with the censors. It’s already been seeing in the trailer to the Suicide Squad that King Shark will be snatching up a snack or two along the way, and that kind of thing is bound to get pretty bloody.

But it’s also interesting to wonder how long he’s bound to last in the movie since it’s been made pretty clear that not every villain is going to make it out of this movie alive, in fact, one of the tag lines makes it clear that people shouldn’t get attached to anyone. It almost feels that putting King Shark in the movie to then throw him away just as easily would be a horrible idea though since it might be better to keep him around and start experimenting with various ideas for series that might go somewhere. Watching him fight Aquaman would actually be kind of nice since they can both summon sharks, even though King Shark can’t really control his kind, especially when they’re in blood lust. But it would still be a fun idea to think about since it could make for a great episode in a show or it could even be developed into a movie that would widen things up beneath the waves. Right now it kind of feels as though DC really needs to keep exploring the properties they have and how they can keep pushing more new stories out to the people since like it or not, people aren’t bound to suddenly take up reading the comics to find out more about these characters, but it’s almost for certain that they would show interest if they saw them on the screen. King Shark would be a great idea to push to TV or into a movie.

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