Why It’s Time to Bring Back Tales of the Gold Monkey

Why It’s Time to Bring Back Tales of the Gold Monkey

Why It’s Time to Bring Back Tales of the Gold Monkey

There’s no reason not to bring back this classic, is there? Considering it only received a single season it could be time to see if it classifies as one of the golden oldies that could possibly benefit from being dusted off and put back into circulation with a reboot that might be able to mimic the time period and the story. After all, it’s not like a TV show can’t be made of a certain period in time with enough efficiency to satisfy the fans. The only thing about this one in particular though is that the content might have to be switched around a bit for a few reasons. One is that its kind of like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Talespin, Fantasy Island, and a few other pop culture favorites tossed in a blender to see what would come out. That sounds like an interesting mix to be certain, but the show obviously didn’t track too well with a lot of audiences, even though it’s fairly certain that its sultry female actors didn’t hurt its chances of gaining a great deal of interest from a male audience. But apart from that, the main character’s best friend was a functioning alcoholic that forgot things occasionally due to too much booze.

One can just imagine what would happen if certain folks that get offended by everything were to watch this show, but in reality, Tales of the Gold Monkey was kind of a misleading title since the titular gold monkey was seen in the show, but after a while, it became less of the focus as the story continued forward. Bringing it back could possibly be a good idea since it would introduce what might be a decent story to add to the many that are already flooding the market, especially since it could be rebooted in a manner that might not be quite as offensive to anyone and could even be a little more family-friendly. Barring that, it could be brought back in a darker and more brutal fashion than people remember, since if dulling it down didn’t work then going for everything might be the direction that would serve it best. There’s plenty of original material to use for the show that could be reworked and rewritten to suit a modern audience, and on top of that, it feels that if the right cast members were selected it could be the next big thing. But like always, that’s if the show were to get the type of writers that would be needed to really bring it back to life.

Just about any show could be brought back with a convincing rewrite and a good polish applied to the overall story, but the fact is that what we’ve seen to date hasn’t always been the best attempt that Hollywood can make as it does feel as though writers are using a dartboard littered with storylines in order to select what they’re going to do, rather than allowing things to flow naturally as they should. Quantity over quality has become the order of the day with many things in this world, and entertainment hasn’t been spared. Way too many shows have been created, brought back, or rebooted and retooled in ways that make sense to some people but are still hard to reason with since there are some shows that should have been left alone and some that were horrible ideas to start with. One thing about this show is that the overall feel of it is something that would likely send a ‘woke’ individual into a tizzy fit since there are plenty of moments in which the characters are put into positions or would be said to glorify certain behaviors that just aren’t okay in today’s society. Funny as that kind of is, it’s the same behavior that shows still practice, but this is typically ignored since it’s deemed ironic rather than purposeful. In any case, bringing back Tales of the Gold Monkey might be a chance to return to an interesting story that was cut off way too soon and wasn’t given enough fo a chance to show that it could in fact start to diversify and find other angles that might make it a little more effective with other viewers.

It can be argued that it didn’t do this to start with during its first and only season, but countering that argument is easy since by allowing a second season the writers would have been forced to come at the story from a different angle. That could have been a good thing, or it could have blown up in their faces, but it would have at least been a chance to show that it could possibly work. The same chance is still there for anyone that’s ambitious enough to take it, they just need someone that’s willing to actually write a decent story.

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