Why It Might Be Time To Bring Back Seikon no Qwaser to TV

Why It Might Be Time To Bring Back Seikon no Qwaser to TV

It’d be easy to say that anime has made its way fully into American culture since so many people have taken a liking to it, but that wouldn’t be quite enough. In truth a lot of people are trying hard to push for as much anime as can fill the virtual shelves of streaming giants such as Netflix so there’s easy access and nothing has to be worked or waited for in an effort to get it. Seikon no Qwaser is one of those that people would love to see make a comeback, though it might be one that people might have to wait a little while for depending on how those in charge feel about bringing it back to TV.

The series had a run back in 2011.

Right now it seems that a lot of things that people enjoyed years before but didn’t care to continue are trying to make a comeback to see if they’re still viable enough to use with the current crowd. After all new fans have been born and have grown to appreciate anime and its many different charms, so it might be time to see if the magic can work again. However, taking into account the differing interests that people have it might come down to whether or not they want to rehash the past or see something new and different. There are only so many stories to tell in the world but there are many different ways to tell them. Seikon no Qwaser told a story in its own right but now that it’s been told the question comes down to whether or not it’s worth continuing. A lot of fans of the show would probably say that yes, of course it needs to come back, but then we’ll just have to wait and see.

The overall reception was good but not great.

As anime goes the story was pretty well done and the music was what a lot of people loved. However if you have great music and an okay to mediocre story then things don’t tend to work quite as well. The story has to be something epic that people will remember and talk about for months to years to come if something such as this is going to survive. As with many of the reboots and remakes that have been going around for a while now it would seem that this anime would need to undergo some serious retooling in an effort to bring it back up to snuff and create something that people are willing to sit down to watch. While the story might easily be strong enough to withstand the revamping that’s needed it would still need to be done up in a way that people could recognize and yet still find engaging on a new and exciting level.

Usually there are more reasons to keep a remake or a reboot from happening than there are to bring it back.

This is an unfortunate truth that’s been learned the hard way in many cases when bringing back something from the past that people have said they love. While the anime wasn’t horrible and does have a solid point to it there would need to be a lot done to make it worthy of being put back on TV. It can be done, but it would take those with a vision of how the show is supposed to go and also those of how it could possibly be improved. While a lot of fans might argue that it’s just fine the way it is a lot has happened in the seven years it’s been gone and it might not be that it’s adequate enough to display to those that want to see something more dynamic and less old school when it comes to the animation efforts. One thing that most shows have to do unless they have big enough fan base is to cater to the fans old and new in order to find a happy medium where it can exist without being ridiculed out of existence. If this can happen then a show is on the right track at least and will survive the initial release more often than not. If not then it will be a short release and the series will be headed back to the shelves where it was retrieved from.

Seikon no Qwaser could indeed be brought back as something worthy of note but as with many things it will be in the hands of the writers and, in this case, the animators when it comes to attaining the level of popularity that it really needs to make a comeback. Whether it will happen anytime within the next five to ten years is hard to say, but if it does happen the show will need a big update just to step into the light.

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