Why didn’t King Kong respond to King Ghidorah’s Alpha Call?

Why didn’t King Kong respond to King Ghidorah’s Alpha Call?

Why didn’t King Kong respond to King Ghidorah’s Alpha Call?

There are some interesting theories leading into the Kong vs. Godzilla fight that’s still planning on hitting theaters eventually and some of them make a lot of sense considering that in the past Kong and Godzilla have fought, but in the present it almost feels as though there might need to be a bit if intervention to make such a thing happen. For one, Godzilla and the other titans are seen as being represented throughout this entire buildup, but Kong is more or less confined to Skull Island, and has never left. If there’s going to be a fight, it’s likely because Godzilla will somehow be drawn to the island, or because Kong is somehow transported off the island to another location. There’s no doubt that it would be a lot more exciting to watch them fight on Kong’s turf, where he has the advantage of at least knowing the terrain. As to why he didn’t answer the Alpha call of King Ghidorah, there are a couple of interesting theories on this that make a good deal of sense even if they need to be fleshed out. The upcoming battle is one that a lot of people feel is going to be horribly one-sided since Godzilla has a wealth of natural weapons and should be able to eliminate Kong fairly easily, but too many folks appear to be discounting the absolute raw strength and mobility that Kong has on his side.

One reason that Kong didn’t answer the call is that he kind of couldn’t from a geographical standpoint. Skull Island is apparently so remote that he would have to swim the entire way to the mainland, and that doesn’t sound all that feasible even for a creature as strong as he is. In the open ocean even the strongest animal in the world would weaken after awhile, especially considering that Kong’s own bulk would work against him. With Godzilla it’s a bit different as he’s an aquatic creature and is therefore built for it. The sad part about being a non-water-born mammal is that if you don’t have the right body type then your body will work against you the moment you hit the water, meaning that no matter how strong you are, crossing an ocean is not that doable. As strong as Kong is, staying on Skull Island was likely the best bet upon hearing the call, plus there are a couple of other theories as to why he wouldn’t be likely to answer.

One is that he doesn’t recognize Ghidorah as a true alpha, meaning that he somehow feels that the three-headed monster isn’t a natural part of the world and just instinctively knows that he’s not worth rallying to. Another theory is that since no one helped his kind with the Skullcrawlers that he felt no allegiance to Godzilla or the other titans since he had his own home to look after and it wasn’t being threatened by anyone. That makes a little more sense as it might indicate that Kong looks after his own territory and thus doesn’t bother with the rest of the world. That would also indicate that his silence on this matter wasn’t an active form of violence or disrespect on his part, but more of a desire to look after his own back yard so to speak. The other theory of course is that Kong is also an alpha and wasn’t affected as the others were when Ghidorah and then Godzilla uttered their calls, as he’s a step above just about every other titan apart from Godzilla. Many still believe that the big ape has no chance against Godzilla, but there are a couple of things leading into this fight that people need to realize.

Godzilla beat out King Ghidorah at the end because he was charged up to such a degree that his mere proximity to certain items was enough to melt or set them on fire. The fact that he needs radioactive energy for that kind of attack kind of leaves him at a disadvantage in Kong’s territory since as far as anyone knows there is no radioactivity on Skull Island, meaning Godzilla has nothing to draw off of. That also means that an extended trip towards the island could be insanely taxing for each one of the titans, and could leave the playing field a lot more level. Another factor to take in is Kong’s intelligence versus Godzilla’s, as Kong has been shown to improvise when he needs to, using a tree as a club, or a propeller blade as a flail-like weapon that he used from a distance and up close. That does bring into mind the thickness of Godzilla’s hide versus a skullcrawler’s, but one also then has to factor in the fact that Kong took on the creatures when he was still growing, and has had decades to continue growing. This Kong that we see now might be far bigger and a lot more experienced than he was in his own movie, meaning he could be much more of a match, and also meaning that he would have shrugged off the call, as those at CBR have stated, of a supposed alpha much easier given his maturity.

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