Why Crystal Should Get a Solo Movie or TV Series

Crystal is one of the several Inhumans that many comic book fans would likely know about but might be hard for others to remember since apart from the one season that The Inhumans spent on the air, but upon learning a little more about her, many might agree that she could definitely use a movie, or a TV series, all to herself. The reason behind this is that like many other Marvel characters she does have a fairly interesting history that might be worth detailing since over the course of her time in the Marvel universe she’s had to develop her own powers and has been involved with a couple of her fellow heroes as well. She was in a relationship with Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four at one time, and she even married Quicksilver at one point as well. It’s easy to think that this might not happen if she were to be included in the MCU as of now, but it’s not too hard to imagine that her story might take a few interesting twists and turns since she is kind of an intriguing character. 

The one downside about her character is that while she has teamed with the FF and the Avengers, she’s been kind of a backup character more often than not since despite the power she wields she’s still usually considered a helper and not the type of character that’s comfortable being on her own. But perhaps a solo series would help that, while at the same time giving hints or actually bringing in those that might be used later in the MCU for roles that people are hoping to see eventually. Her involvement with the Fantastic Four sounds like it would still be a good idea, even if things would have to change a bit, but it might also be interesting to see if, as a character, she could stand on her own for a bit. 

When speaking of her capabilities it’s not hard to point out that she is powerful when it comes to her ability to control the classic elements and even perform several feats with these same powers, but it would appear that after an hour or less she has trouble focusing. This means that in a prolonged battle that Crystal might not be the person to depend on since her powers are highly dependent on how long she can focus, and if she can’t maintain her powers for longer than an hour or so it’s fair to say that she might not be worth much in a pitched battle. For minor to quick engagements, however, she could do quite a bit since her control over the elements is great enough that she can form whatever she needs from said elements and can even fly and defend herself and those around her using shields that she can form out of the elements she uses. But when it comes to her physical attributes she’s about as strong as a regular Inhuman, which is to say that she’s in peak condition but isn’t so insanely strong that she can toss people about as though they weigh nothing. 

She is a decent fighter, but she’s not at the same level as many characters since it’s possible that the Invisible Woman could take her hand to hand, while many others would put her down easily until she decided to use her abilities. This is why it feels safe to call Crystal a mid-level character, since her upper limits aren’t fully known, but at the same time what she’s already been seen to display in the comics is that she’s powerful and capable of holding her own in a fight, but many upper-tier characters and even those in her league could put her down without too much effort. One thing that feels worth mentioning is that if she does come to the MCU, and if the Inhumans are then it’s a safe bet that she’ll come along, then she’ll likely receive an upgrade to her power set just as many characters have since the MCU started up. There are cases in which this is anything but a widely accepted practice, but in this instance, it might actually be a good thing. 

Granted, if she suddenly became capable of taking on characters outside of her power level it might be too much, but the fans aren’t going to complain that much to be honest, especially since she’s one of the Inhumans, and because she’s someone that has been around for a while and has likely been expected by a few people. How this will turn out is anyone’s guess, but it’s easy to think that she might not be given her own solo series unless the MCU can find a reason for it. But hey, we can hope for the time being. 

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