Why Alden Ehrenreich Deserves to Play Han Solo Again

About the only reason that another Solo movie should be given a chance is that now that the Rise of Skywalker has been out and thoroughly ripped apart, er, analyzed, another Solo movie might have a chance to do something special since it wouldn’t have to compete as much. This of course would have assumed that people want to see Alden Ehrenreich as the titular smuggler once again. There is something of a snag to deal with though, and it’s not exactly something that can be whisked away without doing away with a good part of the original trilogy. Remember at the end of Solo when Han and Chewie were talking about another job that had been set up by a gangster? It’s possible that they could have meant a different gangster, but a lot of people are already likely to be thinking that he was talking about none other than Jabba the Hutt, though Disney could easily put someone else in Han and Chewie’s path considering that the moment that they hooked up with Jabba it might be that the story would accelerate in a way that wouldn’t leave the Mouse House any other choice but to connect Solo to the original trilogy. Needless to say, Disney is walking on treacherous ground when it comes to the Star Wars spinoffs since to be fair, a lot of them have to connect just right in order to make the whole thing work.

There is a rumor that Disney might want to erase the entire Star Wars history and start over, but the opposition from the fan base might be too great for even the Mouse House to deal with since taking it all and dumping it in the trash bin, much as Disney did with the Legends canon, would be akin to slapping an entire fan base in the face and expecting them to be grateful. Let’s say this, Alden wasn’t absolutely terrible since he di come in with a great deal of bravado, but a lot of people were bound to compare him to Harrison Ford since the older actor made the role absolutely iconic no matter that he didn’t care for it after a while. It’s strange really since Han Solo is one of the roles that Ford is most remembered for, but he wanted his character killed off at one point. If Alden is up for it, and it sounds like he might be, another Solo movie might be worth it if the story was handled in a way that made sense for the character and not just for Disney. Being realistic, that’s where the Mouse House screwed up to start with, by ignoring the source material and doing things their own way. It’s great to put your own spin on something, but if Disney really wanted to appeal to the fans then they might have done better in paying attention to the story the way it had been created. True, even George Lucas didn’t agree with the Legends canon, and a lot of fans have even said it doesn’t make that much sense. But there are so many stories in the Legends canon that could be so easily adapted that it was a bit frustrating when Disney pushed the canon aside and basically said ‘nuh-uh’.

What’s even more amusing about this is that Disney has been readily cherry-picking from a canon they rejected flat out in the beginning, as Han did win the Millennium Falcon from Lando in a card game, and he did out-cheat the gambler in order to take the ship. Disney is picking and choosing what it wants to work with and calling it new and original, and a lot of fans aren’t buying it since there are elements of the Legend canon poking through in a lot of places within the current franchise and its spinoffs, and seriously, it’s enough to make a person laugh at anyone that bothers to take the Mouse House seriously when they continue to talk about Star Wars projects. Some might want to justify this practice by stating that Disney is seeing the sense in blending the old source material with their own ideas, but not only is this highly disingenuous, it’s also hypocritical in the extreme. But oh well, if people are willing to let the Mouse House do what they will and piece together the franchise like a jigsaw puzzle comprised of several different sets, so be it. Setting up Alden as Han Solo again could work if the story is convincing enough, and if it puts the smuggler and his Wookie co-pilot on their way to another adventure that predates their time spent in Jabba’s employ then so much the better. As far as seeing Darth Maul show up in another Solo movie, maybe it’s not the best idea.

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