Who Will Russell Crowe Play in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Who Will Russell Crowe Play in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Who Will Russell Crowe Play in Thor: Love and Thunder?

There are a few characters that Russell Crowe could play in Thor: Love and Thunder, depending on how the story is going to go. Considering that Christian Bale is taking on the role of Gorr, the God Butcher, it’s likely that Crowe could play Beta Ray Bill, which would be insane to see, or even King Thor, since time travel is no longer an impossibility in the MCU, and he could even play a rival thunder god, Zeus, since in the comics this character exists as well. It could be that he’ll play someone completely different, but at the moment these three possibilities sound the most sensible given that the presence of Gorr kind of makes it possible to see how a future Thor could be an answer to the God Butcher’s savagery, as could the emergence of Beta Ray Bill and even Zeus. Whoever Crowe ends up playing it’s already been confirmed that he’ll be in the coming, so now it’s just a matter of figuring out what form he’s going to take on for the movie. So far the details of his role are being kept under lock and key since leaks in the MCU have been an irritant for a while now. Cracking down on what kind of information is being given out has been a wise move since as of now the lot of us have to guess at what’s coming, and to be fair, it’s a lot more irritating for those that just want to know everything, but it does bring back the memories of days when we didn’t have the capability of finding out various secrets about the movies way ahead of time.

Breaking down how much sense it makes for each character though is kind of fun since for Beta Ray Bill it doesn’t make a lot of sense unless much of what is going to be done in CG since like it or not, Crowe is getting older and unless he can get himself back into fighting shape, Bill will need to be almost all motion capture. But what’s fun about this is that Bill isn’t exactly the most nimble figure in the Marvel universe, as he’s a powerhouse much like Thor, so it’s entirely possible for Crowe to take on this role. In fact, one of the only arguments against it would be if the character was meant to be a little more active and needed someone younger and in better shape to make it work. Russell’s voice would work for just about any character that has a bit of brawn and needs a slightly more menacing voice that can also be calm and reasonable. Bill is a great character and one that a lot of people would love to see in the MCU since there have been a couple of teases about his character and his species in a couple of movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1 and Thor: Ragnarok. Bringing the guy into the mix would be pretty cool since it would also open up the whole idea of just how many heroes have been set up with Asgardian weaponry.

Zeus would make sense considering that he’s on the level with Odin in the Marvel universe and has proven to be quite powerful a couple of times, as he one-shotted the Hulk at one point and made sure that the green goliath couldn’t get back to his feet anytime soon. Of course, given that he’s a god and has the kind of power that even the Hulk would be envious of, that’s not much of an accomplishment. But against Gorr, it feels as though Zeus might be kind of stuck simply because the villain doesn’t come by the name of ‘God Butcher’ just because it sounds cool. Considering that it sounds as though Crowe’s part in the movie is going to be brief, a cameo, for the most part, it’s fair to say that playing Zeus would be a good fit since it could be a one and done kind of appearance that doesn’t need to be built upon that much. King Thor on the other hand might be even more interesting since such an appearance could mean the difference between victory and defeat, and it would be a huge setup for things to come maybe. People have been talking about King Thor and Rune King Thor for a while now since Thor entered the MCU, so it could be that things aren’t quite over and done with for Chris Hemsworth, meaning that a setup for King Thor in the form of Russell Crowe, at least for this movie, might be a possible lead-in to another movie down the line. It’s hard to say if that would be the case or not, but it is a pretty cool-sounding idea.

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