Who Was Egon’s Wife?

Ghostbusters Stay Puft

It would be nice to shed a little more light on the idea of who Egon Spengler ended up with after Ghostbusters 2, but as movies tend to do at times, this was glossed over in a big way as the assumption is that while Egon did have a wife and possibly a family before he abandoned them to go hunt down Gozer and prevent her return. It’s likely that he wasn’t a sperm donor since he kept track of his daughter Callie, which means that he knew who his daughter was, meaning that at some point her mother died and she probably had to be raised by family or, worse, by the foster care system. But the point is that we don’t get to find out, in the movie, who Egon hooked up with, even if we know what happened to split them apart. His need to finish the job and keep Gozer from making her way into the world became the most important thing in his life, but not the only thing that he kept track of since the movie made this very clear. 

Despite being a man of science, Egon still possessed a heart, and it was seen by the way he helped and guided his granddaughter, Phoebe, to finish the job that he’d started. There are some folks hoping that we’ll get to learn more about Egon’s life and what went on between part 2 and Afterlife if the story comes back to the big screen. In a way, it almost feels better not knowing since there’s a good bet that it would be an innocuous woman that would be tossed in to appease the fans and flesh out the story in a way that would be satisfactory to everyone. But doing this wouldn’t be good enough for a lot of people since like it or not, the way things turned out in Afterlife actually feel like were just fine. There’s a lot of explanation to be had, and perhaps another movie could help with this, but perhaps only a few bits of pertinent information here and there would be enough to make it work. 

As for Pheobe and Trevor’s father, it sounds as though he wasn’t that great of a person to start with, as Callie doesn’t exactly speak highly of him, so it could be best just to keep him out of the picture unless someone in the writing department comes up with a reason to bring the guy into the story in order to tie something to the story in a manner that would create a connection that might lead to another storyline that could help the next movie along. It’s hopeful that the next movie will take a while to come if it ever does, though a lot of people are already starting to talk as though the movie should happen within the next few years. There’s still a great deal of speculation as to whether this will happen or not, but the hope is that if it ever does it will do so in the next five to ten years at the soonest. 

Maybe by then, Egon’s wife will have been forgotten, but it might be that the Ghostbusters will take on a very new look with new members and even an expansion that could stretch across the US since it would appear that ghostly activity doesn’t really know any boundaries. Plus, Gozer and her minions are still in the traps, and it’s fair to think that it could be a lot more exciting if we get t see her escape somehow and attempt to wreak havoc on the world again. That would actually be a decent idea for a movie, especially if another villain came back, or if a different and stronger villain was devised for another movie. Again, this hopefully won’t happen for a while yet, but there’s an idea that maybe Egon’s wife could have had something to do with keeping their daughter and grandkids safe, so perhaps there’s a twist that no one would have seen coming. One thing that feels easy to say is that if the next Ghostbusters movie does come out before long that it might still be debatable if we’ll get to see the old Ghostbusters again, since it’s fair to think that they might finally hang it up and pass off the action part of the job to the younger crowd. 

Egon was such a big part of the Ghostbusters that it was tough to realize years ago that with Harold Ramis’ passing that we wouldn’t get to see him in live-action any longer. But the CGI appearance of his ghost was still a nice touch. It does feel that one of these days the question of who Egon had a kid with won’t be as big of an issue, but for now, a lot of people can’t help but ask. 

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