General Hospital Spoilers: Who Wants to Work With Anna?

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Wants to Work With Anna?

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Tuesday on General Hospital, it looks like everyone is up to something. If you know anything about the people who live in Port Charles, however, you know that there really is not anything new here and that this is not something that’s shocking to anyone. However, the people currently involved in being up to something might make you feel a little bit of a shock. This time around, it’s not who you might expect. We have Jason who is feeling some sort of emotional upheaval in his own life. What this is doing is making him feel as if he has an attachment of some sort to the Quartermaines. He’s not thrilled about this, and neither is anyone else in his life.

Scott is looking to proposition Ava, but not in the way that you might assume he is looking to proposition her. He has a plan and he wants her to become a part of it. It is probably not in her best interest to take any part in whatever it is he has planned, but you know that she will do something she shouldn’t do and it will not end well at all for anyone involved. Will she do it, and what does Scott actually want her to do for or with him? We do have to admit that we are intrigued by the entire storyline right now.

Anna is also up to no good, and it’s with someone you might not expect her to become involved with. This very unexpected alliance cannot end well, and we have a sneaking suspicion the person that it will not end well for is actually Anna. Will she be able to function though she is not entirely sure she knows what she is doing? We don’t know for certain, but we do know that she has to find a way to make sure she is not going to end up hurt. When we find out who she is working with, we might just assume that Anna is not going to get out of this mess without some issues.

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