A Look into General Hospital’s Kristina’s History

General Hospital fans know that there is a lot that has happened to Kristina in her life to turn her into the young woman she is today. She’s not always had the easiest life, and some of us wonder if that is what led her right into the web that Shiloh left open for her. She was so susceptible to his manipulation and his ploys. He was so open to what was going on with them, and he was so good to her at first. What in her past helped her feel that she was not worth more than his cheap lies and his fabled stories? What is her story? What makes her tick, and what makes her into the girl she is today? We want to take a look back at her life and see if there is anything in her history that might teach us more than we already know.

She’s Always Been Defiant

When she grew up with her father and mother, her life was anything but normal. Her mother is an attorney who is always working so hard that she’s hardly ever home. Her father is a mobster who was not really in love with her mother, ever, and she didn’t grow up in any sort of typical home. She had a mother and a father, she had stepparents, and she had a lot else going on in her life. She’s never had any real stability in her life given the fact that her father is who he is, and that’s been a situation she’s had a very hard time with in the past. She grew up doing all kinds of stuff her parents hated and didn’t want anything to do with. She was never really a good girl, and she went through more than one phase in which she would make life decisions for herself simply because she knew they would upset her mother and father. And that’s always been who she is, and we think a telltale sign her life is not something she’s loved.

She’s Changed a Bit

There was a time, however, when she was so bad to her stepmom, Claudia, that she caused a car accident that took the life of the baby her stepmom was carrying. She realized at that point that her behavior was horrible, it was not good, and it was dangerous. She wasn’t happy with the way she was living her life, and she wasn’t sure she could handle the things that happened to her. She was certainly a woman who had a lot more to offer herself than she thought, but she also had a moment of clarity in that situation. She was not going to allow her feelings to get the best of her. She was not about to let her life change the lives of others in this manner any longer, and she was going to change. That’s when she realized she had to try harder to be a good person, and she was much better.

She’s Been A Victim

There was one thing that didn’t do her any good growing up. She was the victim of abuse at the hands of her teenage boyfriend. He name was Kiefer, and he was never going to be a man. He was the kind of boy who did not enjoy being crossed, and he did anything and everything he could to make her miserable. He took her self esteem from her by abusing her in a physical manner anytime she did something that upset him. She was a victim, but she did eventually find the strength and the power to walk away from that and decide that she might be a victim then and there, but she would never again be one until the day she died. However, that kind of abuse is hard to walk away from, and she will always have some of her feelings in her mind that make her question everything. Does she feel as if she deserves this or she is not good enough for something better? Does this shape the young woman she is now, and will she overcome this in a bigger, better way? We simply cannot decide.

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