General Hospital: Sonny’s Biggest Mistakes

General Hospital: Sonny’s Biggest Mistakes

General Hospital fans have warm fuzzy feelings for so many characters, but few more so than Sonny Corinthos. He’s a man. He’s a father. He’s a husband. He’s a mistake making kind of guy who does all things that he feels are right but they are not always so. He’s a man who feels that his life has to get better soon, but he’s rarely ever right about that. His personal choices have led to a lot of discomfort and pain for his family, and he’s not always able to keep his own personal trouble from manifesting in their lives. He is a brilliant, deep, dark, but good character who is only human, but he’s also only going to keep his life going as best he can for as long as he can if he can find something right in the world. This makes us wonder if there will ever be a change for him. We want to take a look back at some of his biggest mistakes.

Shooting Carly

He didn’t mean to do it, but we know that it will forever be one of the most tragic moments in his life. He cannot forgive himself about what he did, and he cannot forgive himself for feeling that he did this to his family because he missed something. She’d been kidnapped when someone else blamed Sonny for the death of Elizabeth’s child, so they kidnapped pregnant Carly and tried to keep the baby to give to Elizabeth. But, when Sonny found out where she was and what was going on, he did all he could to save her. This meant that he tracked her down and tried to kill the man responsible, but the gun he fired was accidentally aimed at Carly, which put her into a coma and she gave birth to their son Morgan like this. It was a horrible moment in his life, and we cannot disagree that this will haunt him.

Sleeping with Sam

Remember when we didn’t like her? When she came into town and she was a hot mess and he slept with her, got her pregnant, and then Jason stepped in and up to help her out so that Carly didn’t find out her husband not only cheated on her but got another woman pregnant in the meantime? It was a thing, and that baby did not make it. He is so lucky that Jason was there for him, and that he and Sam fell so hard for one another, and that this worked out for him in a time when nothing else should have worked out for him. He did a bad thing, and it almost cost him everything in his life, but his friends were able to save him, Sam turned her own life around, and things ended up working out for the best, though this is a bit of a dark cloud on that friendship, to be quite honest.

Shooting Dante

It’s not a secret that Sonny shoots a lot of people and we get that. But, there is nothing else that works for him in his life. There was a time when there was an undercover detective trying to take him down. That man was called Dominic, and he tried to do all he could to get into Sonny’s life and befriend him so that he could take him down. That was a horrible time for him. Sonny shoots him when the cop shows up to arrest him, and that ended up being a terrible moment. That was the moment when the truth came spilling out. The cop’s name was really Dante, and he is the son of Olivia. Olivia is someone with twhom Sonny had intimate relations with in the past, and it turns out that Dante is his own son. The man ended up hating his newfound father, but they eventually worked through it. We think this mistake is one of Sonny’s biggest because it took so much time from him and from Dante when they were working together to find their relationship. They could have been father and son a lot sooner had they not been in this specific situation with the shooting.

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