Who Should Really Star in a 48 Hours Remake

Who Should Really Star in a 48 Hours Remake

48 Hours

With remakes abounding and reboots kind of fizzling and fading it’s kind of obvious that simply taking an older movie and remaking it is a lot more successful sometimes than trying to revive it. John Atkinson from ScreenRant brought forth an interesting idea that might help to rekindle on of the movies that really set the pace for buddy-cop movies back in the 80s, 48 Hours. Apparently Sebastian Stan thinks that he and Anthony Mackie would be a good match for this movie and would be able to bring it back to some form of glory since, hey, why not?  It’s hard to argue that Stan and Mackie don’t have any kind of on screen chemistry since their characters in the MCU have been getting along for a while. Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, aka Falcon and the Winter Soldier, didn’t start out on the best terms but have eventually opened up to each other and become allies at least and are able to stand one another. This in effect shows that Stan and Mackie can create a convincing duo that would no doubt be just as entertaining in another movie as it’s been in the MCU.

According to Dave McNary from Variety the movie is already in development, but he didn’t go into who’s going to round out the cast all that much. When you look at it Mackie and Stan do make a certain kind of sense, even if they seem wildly different from Nolte and Murphy. Of course this would kind of be the point of a remake however, as the movie would have to be updated a bit in order to really make it stand out for a modern crowd. Back in 1982 this movie was considered to be a big hit and one of the best that had come out that year. In fact it was one of those that helped push the whole idea of the buddy-cop idea forward. The trend continued with other movies such as Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour along with several others, creating a type of genre that was hard to deny since it became its own entity after a while. It did become kind of a cliche after a while and was even seen to be an idea that was overdone, so perhaps it’s been wise to keep this idea far off in the wings for a while.

Matt Wood of Cinema Blend makes a good point when he states that it’s easy to roll your eyes at another remake, but as long as Hollywood is going to keep going back to the well it’s wiser to find movies that people actually enjoyed in order to keep the hits coming. While some remakes have absolutely butchered themselves while keeping people firmly convinced that the originals will always be better, there have been a few here and there that have surpassed the movies they were based upon. So far the crew working on the project seem to have garnered a lot of faith from fans and those that happen to know what’s going on. But until we see the cast a lot of people are going to reserve any and all praise since it seems safe to say that we’ve been fooled once or twice in the past. At this time it doesn’t sound as though a cast has been announced, but as the project continues to roll forward it likely won’t take any time to start making guesses about who they might be looking at and who might actually get the main roles. At this point the only two roles that really seem to matter to anyone are those that were held by Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, as they were the focal point of the movie and therefore are the most important shoes to fill, so to speak.

You can say this for Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, they’ve proved themselves quite well throughout the last several years as they’ve taken on roles that some might have cringed away from and still performed to the best of their ability. There is a dedication to the craft from either man that seems as though it should be given a level of recognition that might make them a shoe-in for a part like this that they actually seem to want. The fact that they’re actually excited to see something happen is indication enough that they might be the right ones to take the roles, though it’s a question as to whether Stan can be just as hard as he needs to be for the role and if Mackie can be the funny man that is needed for his role. They’re both good actors, don’t get me wrong on that note, but it still seems like it would be a test for both of them to take on these roles.

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