10 Things You Didn’t Know about “While You Were Out”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “While You Were Out”

Imagine that you’re given a chance to get away for a little bit and then come back and find something done to your home that you didn’t expect but might find somehow endearing or altogether horrible. You’ve likely seen While You Were Out if you can imagine this scenario since this show has been known to do some seriously crazy things that the homeowners had no idea about until they finally got home. It seems that this might be the kind of risky show that people might like or not like but enjoy all the same for the drama it could possibly create. But it has been something that people seemed to enjoy since it did get a decent audience and a following that was great enough keep it around for a while. But still, it does seem as though it might lend itself and the people involved to certain abuses.

Here are a few things you might not have known about the show.

10. The show was brought back as a crossover between TLC and HGTV.

Apparently enough people wanted to see some more of the show and it does seem feasible since there is enough evidence that it was something that offered enough entertainment to really be a part of its parent network.

9. The premise of the show was to send a person away on a vacation of sorts in order to renovate part of their home.

How this was kept a secret is kind of hard to imagine since people don’t just come up and offer another person a vacation out of nowhere for no reason, but it would seem that some people actually bought it and went on their merry way. Personally it would raise a lot of red flags that something was up.

8. The initial budget was around $1,000.

That seems awfully low considering that most renovation budgets are insanely high, but then you need to realize that a lot of renovation shows are doing the entire home while this show was just focusing on one area within the home or on the outside and the cost could possibly remain fairly low. In fact the budget was raised eventually.

7. There was a 32-hour time frame to work with.

If that seems like a short time frame it would pay to realize just how quickly the turnaround that some crews can accomplish on these shows and since there’s only one aspect of the home that’s being focused on. This grants a lot more time to focus on that one aspect.

6. The show also featured a quiz that took place during the renovation.

This is kind of a confusing part of the show that was a bit removed from the overall show no matter that they integrated it into the program somehow. The questions were kind of personal between the homeowner and the person that was left behind to see to the project.

5. There was often a bit of conflict between the cast and the homeowner or the cast members.

A lot of shows that deal with renovations are usually infamous for showing some sort of conflict between the cast members and this one was no exception. The only issue is that at times the cast seemed to actually get pretty mad at one another and would seemingly fly off the hook and make the situation kind of uncomfortable. This seems like an odd working condition to promote on a show like this but at the same time it does seem to add drama and that of course is what the people want to see.

4. Some people were less than pleased with the renovations that had been done.

This is the downfall of the show if you want the honest truth since someone coming back from a relaxing or engaging vacation is now walking into their home and seeing what’s been done to it without their consent. While some renovations were no doubt well-received and likely loved by those that saw them, there were a few that people were less enthused by as they allowed their anger to be known on camera.

3. Eventually the show did change a bit.

It seems like it would have to for the most part since quite honestly it does seem that this is an idea that seems cute and quirky in theory but is bound to blow up in the face of the showrunner.

2. This seems like a rather poor idea for many reasons.

Taking on a project that alters a person’s house kind of needs to be something that the homeowner needs to be made aware of and allowed to have some say in considering that this is the place they have to live in and pay for.

1. You can imagine that more than one relationship was strained because of this.

Be it friends or spouses that were affected by the negative responses this does seem like it could have been promoted in a different way.

It’s a moment worth shaking your head to.

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