The Real Housewives of Miami 2.05 Recap – Dr. Karent Sierra: Public Enemy #1

The Real Housewives of Miami 2.05 Recap – Dr. Karent Sierra: Public Enemy #1

The Real Housewives of Miami 2.05 Recap - Dr. Karent Sierra: Public Enemy #1If Dr. Karent Sierra was a bullseye board on tonight’s The Real Housewives of Miami, she would be shot all to hell by her cast mates who made it clear that their love for the dentist to the stars was fading rapidly.

Dr. Karent did come off as an attention seeking brat during the gala of the night and was highly annoying with her “Oh! Take a picture of me! I know him! We’re ‘besties!'” behavior, which was without a doubt two clicks past disgusting. On any other day, I would blame Dr. Karent’s behavior on too much wine or a well-mixed glass of something strong and sweet, but tonight… I don’t know. I feel that after the conversation with her increasingly suspect beau Rudolfo, Dr. Karent took his “be a mean person” pep talk too seriously and played that particular card a bit prematurely. Instead of being herself, Dr. Karent gave Lea and Adriana not only more ammo to use for future attacks, but additional soldiers in Marysol, Alexia, and Ana as well. If the Dentist to the Stars with the drop dead gorgeous smile doesn’t watch it, she might end up being the Danielle “Staub Goblin” Staub of The Real Housewives of Miami.

But is Dr. Karent really all that bad? Could we say that Adriana and Lea have a hand in the good dentist’s madness?

As I said in my preview for tonight’s episode, the fact that Adriana was pissed about Karent taking a picture with that artist last week and tweeting about it was a bit much. No, it wasn’t a bit much. It was overkill. Plus, didn’t Adriana also say that the guy didn’t like taking pictures with people, yet she got her own photo taken with the guy? Maybe it was because Adriana is into art and Karent just collects it. See how silly this sounds? Either way, I was not amused with the way Adriana (and Lea) talked down to Joanna as if she was some doltish child about not knowing what it’s like to meet your idol and have that be taken away from you. Um, contrary to the popular belief in your world, Adriana, no one has the same idols as you do and I’m pretty sure they’ve met theirs as well. Sorry to burst your bubble on that. Plus, the snide remarks Adriana threw at Joanna made her sound as old as Lea, her cohort in dissing. Here’s the clip again for your amusement:

Adriana, you slay me with your snooty wit and your aversion to a decent hair brush and comb in this scene. Both were not cute.

Anyway, the bottom line is that we have drama that could get tongues wagging. Neither party is completely in the right in their actions tonight, but at least they are giving us something worth talking about.

While Adriana and Dr. Karent were drawing their respective lines in the sand, Joanna had to deal with the craziness between her sister Marta and her fiancé Romain, who both met to sort their differences out for Joanna’s sake. It goes without saying that nothing was accomplished except Romain telling Marta that she’s a lazy troublemaker with no direction, but not in those words. Well, not exactly.

The two did agree upon Marta taking Lisa up on her offer of letting Marta stay with her while Joanna and Romain worked out their issues, which makes so much sense. What didn’t make sense was Joanna having  hard time grasping how Marta moving out could be a good thing for her relationships with both her sister and her lover, which, in turn, could free her from unnecessary stress. Then again, Joanna might actually like the stress, which would be the only reason why she would want to keep treading in the mess between Romain and Marta.

Interesting Tidbits of the Night

– Lea’s “joke” to Marysol about Marysol’s ex husband marrying her for a green card and splitting? Not a joke. Nor was it funny.

– Maybe Lisa could run a pet cleaning business, because she looked damn well cleaning her dogs tonight. Oh and the dogs looked pretty spiffy afterwards, as well.

– What was up with Rudolfo eyeing Ana at the gala? Or was that the trickery of editing?

– Ana’s daughters seem like they could lead their own spinoff featuring them being basically the female versions of Beavis and Butthead, albeit way more mature and smarter.

– I’m still upset about Adriana’s bed head hair during the final scene of the night. That was just. not. cute. at. all!

What did you all think about this outing of The Real Housewives of Miami? Are you Team Adriana or Team Dr. Karent?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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