Which “Euphoria” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Euphoria” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Euphoria” Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Hot off the heels of the Season 2 premiere, Euphoria is still riding high with fans. The Zendaya-led HBO series follows a group of teens navigating the challenges of growing up in the contemporary world. The show has long been praised for its diverse cast of characters and personalities; so it only makes sense to write a zodiac article about each character’s sign! Who matches your sign? Let’s find out!

Aries – Maddy Perez

This one is pretty self-explanatory, Aries. Maddy represents your fire, drive, and passion, as well as some of your more negative qualities; like impulsivity, immaturity, and impatience. You’re never afraid to speak up, Aries, and neither is Maddy. You’re spunky, outspoken, and never shy away from a fight; especially when you know you’re right.

Taurus – Fezco

You’re consistent, Taurus. While some may find it easy to forget your presence, it’s only until you’re not there that they realize their mistake. You, like Fez, are an incredibly important piece to our social paradigm, even if you feel like you’re not. You’re stable and loyal, with a deep care for those closest to you. Stick with your strong will, Taurus, it’s what sets you apart from others.

Gemini – Cal Jacobs

Gemini, Cal represents your craving for space and your tendency towards duality. You don’t make decisions very easily, and often want to have your cake and eat it too. Just like Cal, you get bored fast, and you’re a master of putting on different masks for different people. Don’t be afraid of your own truth, Gemini, it can set you free from the negative impulses.

Cancer – Cassie Howard

You’ve got a lot going on, Cancer. Like Cassie, you have a tendency to seek out relationships for self-worth, and often can’t realize your own worth without others telling you. As a water sign, you feel emotions deeper than others might, and you’re a natural empath; often putting the needs of others before your own. Remember that self-care is just as important as Good Samaritan work, Cancer.

Leo – Nate Jacobs

Nate is such a classic Leo. He’s got a lot of pent up aggression from not being able to process his feelings and fears; which is so Leo. He’s not good at feelings or communication, but he’s adamant about his own worth. He’s willing to protect his reputation at all costs, like you Leo, and finds empathy difficult. Make sure you tap into your emotion sometimes, Leo.

Virgo – Rue Bennett

Now, this might just be because Zendaya has huge Virgo energy, but Rue has a lot of Virgo tendencies. She’s overly critical of herself, and her busy and analytical mind (typical with Virgo’s) is bogged down by drug and alcohol abuse. Often you can need a vice, Virgo, something to take you away from your responsibilities and reality. Don’t be afraid to level emotionally with the people you love; it can be the difference between success and failure.

Libra – Chris McKay

Effortlessly balanced and a romantic at heart, Chris represents a lot of your personality, Libra. While there’s no denying that he loves deeply, and isn’t afraid of that, the pitfalls and challenges of real adult relationships tend to bore him, if not frustrate him entirely. At your best, you’re an incredible caretaker and lover, but at your worst, your expectations and pre-conceived notions can destroy relationships. Take it easy, Libra, on yourself and others.

Scorpio – Kat Hernandez

Scorpio, you’re the iconic Kat. As the resident baddie and leather sweetheart, Kat represents your intuition, creativity, and emotional blockades. She’s not afraid of her own power, as a woman and as a writer; and we all know how passionate and intense her love life can be. You’re a rare creature, Scorpio, and some find that intimidating. Pay them no mind, and keep bossing as usual.

Sagittarius – Ali

Ali is an evolved Sag. He’s had a rough past, and isn’t afraid to admit the mistakes he made if it helps someone else. Like you, Ali is a natural conversationalist, and is able to connect with even the most closed-off personalities. In maturity, Sag’s can find great wisdom and intellect, which Ali has. That kind of street smarts and emotional intelligence is something that only comes with grief and mistakes, Sag, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes and feel that grief.

Capricorn – Lexi Howard

Capricorn, Lexi represents your ability to not care about outside opinions. You’re committed to being yourself, and don’t get caught up in the same social pitfalls that the other characters get trapped in. Part of this is due to your intellect, and your ability to keep your head down and work, but you’re also an earth sign; which means you’re extremely dedicated to the people you love. When backed in a corner, Capricorn, you can have quite the bite.

Aquarius – Jules Vaughn

We all saw this one coming, Aquarius. Jules is committed to individualism and her own truth. While she’s not the greatest at communicating feelings, as most Aquarians aren’t, she’s a master of one-night-stands and personal freedom. Like you, she prefers something fresh and new every time, instead of repeat experiences. Don’t shy away from your emotional tendencies, Aquarius; they can help you learn about yourself.

Pisces – Ethan Lewis

Pisces, I think you saw this one coming. Ethan represents your gentle disposition and genuine care for people. While you have a tendency to feel like the victim of most situations, you’re committed to keeping in touch with your emotions, and have mastered the art of making decisions with your head and your heart. When you own your unique power, Pisces, there’s no limit to your potential.Zendaya

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