When Do We Get to See Polaris?

Lorna Dane has been shown in live-action on the small screen, but it feels as though she’s been getting shafted when it comes to the X-Men movies, but it could have something to do with the fact that Magneto has been such a big part of the movies at this time. That kind of makes it awkward to have a mutant with the same powers showing up, no matter if she’s the daughter of the master of magnetism. Or maybe it’s that she is his daughter that has kept her from the movies thus far. Whatever the case, it feels as though with the X-Men coming to the MCU eventually, Lorna should be given her chance finally, especially since the idea appears to be that Magneto isn’t someone that people think should be a part of the movies any longer. Whether or not that will actually come to fruition is hard to say, but thinking that Polaris should be able to step onto the screen finally and show what she can do. It’s true that she can do pretty much whatever her father can, but there are differences. 

Being a woman is a difference obviously, but that’s the point of her character. She isn’t nearly as strong as Magneto or even as efficient thanks to the experience that Magneto possesses, but she’s definitely insanely skilled and does have the ability to be seen as a seriously powerful character. The green cast of her hair and her outfit is different, but that’s something that can and has been changed. And more often than not, Polaris has been a far more heroic character than her father ever was, as she’s been a part of the X-Men in the past. It stands to reason that if she were to be cast in a live-action movie or another series that her power levels might be bumped up, especially if Magneto was going to be left out of another movie. Right now the situation with the X-Men and the MCU is largely uncertain since fans don’t know enough, but there is a hope that the studio will showcase several mutants that people haven’t seen on the big screen yet. 

Even if some of them come to one series or another on Disney+ it would be easy to accept since it would be something different, and hopefully, something that would meld easily with older names that have been seen on screen. There are favorites that people would love to see return, but there are also a lot of other faces that people would love to see show up this time around. A master of magnetism would still be great to have around, but it could be beneficial to have one that starts out as a villain and eventually comes to join the heroic side.  Polaris is the type of character that might be able to bring a new life to this franchise and could help to create spinoffs as well since as a part of the X-Men she could be seen as a transitionary character who would eventually go her own way and as a result help to create another group that would help to expand the franchise in a big way. 

This isn’t to say that it would be the perfect, ordered process that a lot of people would love to see since the mention of X-Force has managed to get a lot of people excited. But given that It was Deadpool that mentioned it, there’s a good chance that any plans for the future of this team are up in the air at the moment. Since little to no mention of Polaris has even been made, there’s a good chance that she hasn’t even been considered for a part on this team, or perhaps in the franchise at all. But while that might be a thought, it’s also likely that the MCU is keeping most information on it. Plus, Polaris was a part of X-Factor, not X-Force, but one can imagine that a lot of people don’t know enough about this, so X-Force and X-Factor might as well be different parts of the same team. But if she were brought in, along with Havok, aka Alex Summers, it’s very possible that they could form this team and be all kinds of awesome. 

As of now, it’s fair to say that a lot of people don’t know a lot of what’s supposed to happen, but there are a lot of characters that people are hoping to see in the months and years to come. The X-Men and all those attached to them are faces that fans want to see, so hopefully, there will be room to fit Polaris into the mix. If people are tired of Magneto, then she’s one of the best replacements that remains to be utilized. 

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