What’s Randy Quaid Doing These Days?

What’s Randy Quaid Doing These Days?

A seasoned actor like Randy Quaid is always on the radar when it comes to different projects. So, it’s safe to assume that he would have something in the works, even though it’s under wraps. But according to his filmography, the actor hasn’t really done much since 2018.

He’s several years removed from the legal troubles he and his wife went through a while back. It simply appears that he’s kind of just fallen off the map in a way, as he’s been living in Vermont for a while. This quite surprising since, for quite some time, he was one of the more visible stars in Hollywood.

Why He’s Not In As Many Projects?

What’s Randy Quaid Doing These Days?

A lot of fans no doubt still remember him from some of his most famous appearances back in the day. Quaid was great at playing the obnoxious character that wasn’t that bright but somehow livened up the movie. For all the work he’s put in over the years, it is curious that he’s currently absent from both big and small screens. Perhaps due to his legal issues or something unknown to the public, it’s hard to say. But Quaid has had a pretty impressive career over the years, which makes it easy to look back at everything he’s done. 

One of his most fun characters to look at is Eddie, from the National Lampoon features where he comes off as crude and oblivious to the boot. From National Lampoon‘s Vacation to Vegas, he’s often one of the most beloved characters in the movie. For lack of a better phrase he excels at playing the lovable idiot. Among his many roles, he occasionally takes on dramatic performances, but often he tends to go back to comedy. This has been one major thing that made him lovable over the years. 

What Has Randy Quaid Worked On In The Past?

What’s Randy Quaid Doing These Days?

One movie that really put Quaid on the map was The Ice Harvest, where he plays the part of a notorious business owner and mob boss. It’s certainly interesting to see him play an authority figure. Why? Well, most people remember him for movies such as Caddyshack II and for the aforementioned National Lampoon. However, Quaid is nothing if he’s not versatile. He’s featured in drama, action, and comedy productions. The fact that he’s been in movies such as Days of Thunder, and Brokeback Mountain, among others, makes it clear that he’s not a one-trick pony.

Randy has demonstrated throughout the length of his career that he can be relied on to perform just about any role. Certainly, his career hasn’t been the smoothest. But the memory of his success is easier to access since he’s a big deal in the industry. Even more, he’s one of the major reasons why people continue to watch Christmas Vacation every year. 

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