What’s Coming to Disney+ In September

What’s Coming to Disney+ In September

What’s Coming to Disney+ In September

September will be full of entertainment as Disney+ flows it with new episodes and series each week. It will present the Doogie Kamealoha series and episodes like Monsters At Work and Turner & Hooch.  In addition, Tomorrowland will also be added to the Disney+ library. Let’s see some of the rundowns for September

Dug Days – Season 1

Dug Days, a production by Pixar Animation Studios, is a shorts series following humorous Dug’s misadventures. The movie is about Dug, a lovable talking dog from Up owned by Pixar and Disney. Every event that happens in Dug’s backyard features in each short. Bob Peterson, Emmy Award winner and Academy Award winner, is the writer and director of the film.

Monsters At Work (It’s Laughter They Are After) – Episode 110 Finale

After achieving his dreams, Tyler gets a Jokester promotion. However, he feels torn having to leave MIFT. Meanwhile, Sulley and Mike receive a request which threatens Laugh Power. They have to either generate more power or get closed.

What If – Episode 4

MCU scripts are behind What If flips. The film reimagines famous events in unexpected ways. What If is the first animated series for Marvel Studios that focuses on various MCU heroes. It features a voice cast with a group of hosts reprising their roles.

Turner & Hooch (To Serve and Pawtech) – Episode 107

Scott serves the Senator as security while Hooch tries to be a viral awareness.

Chip ‘n’ Dale (The Hazelnut King, The Egg Baby, The Mega Muscle Chip) – Episode 6

Many events are happening; Chip and Dale defend their hazelnut, a move they are forced to do within a fortress. They both adopted a lost egg. With the help of a toy wrestler, Chip adopts his new muscles.

Legends by Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios Legends is among exciting refreshers for different villains and heroes that try to be one of the most-watched Disney+ streaming shows. It sets the stage for future adventures. The episode will also feature The Ten Rings.

Cesar Milan – Better Human Better Dog

Pet owners across America need help more than ever; fortunately, there’s hope; Cesar Millan is ready to take on his most challenging cases yet.

The Tail End of Trauma

In The Tail End of Trauma, Cesar helps a family deal with their aggressive personality. They are still grieving for the loss of their first dog. Later, Cesar helps a little girl with problems with her puppy meant to give her emotional support. Instead of bringing comfort, it causes chaos.

Hijacked Pack

Cesar helps a sensitive cattle dog owned by a young couple. The dog suffers from separation anxiety hence holding his parents’ lives hostage for almost a year. Afterward, Cesar tries to cool down a blinding Lhasa Apso that lacks basic hygiene. It is too hostile for its owners to provide the necessary eye care.

Alaska Animal Rescue – Season 2

The film features Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Alaska Raptor Centers, and Alaska SeaLife Center. All the centers have committed animal caretakers, veterinarians, and first responders that respond to needy animals in unforgiving and terrain climates.

The Chicken Squad by Disney Junior – Season one (Four Episodes)

Three chicken siblings and Captain Tully, a dog who is their search and rescue mentor, unite to solve problems. They solve their backyards’ adventures to help their friends.

Growing Up Animal (Behind the Scenes)

Growing Up Animals represents behind the scenes of its six episodes. The film features baby animals who are having an extraordinary and intimate adventure. It starts from the womb, uncertain birth, and their first steps. Each episode shows how a different iconic animal incredibly transforms to be full of emotions and wonder.

Happier than Ever (A Love Letter to Los Angeles)

Billie Eilish, a chart-topping artist, will make her concert experience Happier than Ever. Disney+ will feature every song in her Happier than Ever album. This approach is the first and the only one on the legendary Hollywood stage.

Tomorrowland (A World Beyond)

Frank, formerly an inventor, unites with Casey on a dangerous mission to explore Tomorrowland secrets. The dimension has never been studied in both space and time.

Smoky Mountain Park Rangers

Park Rangers aim to manage and protect animals in Great Smoky Mountain Park for the upcoming winter.

X- Men (Dark Phoenix)

Jean Grey faces a cosmic force that makes her the Dark Phoenix. The X-Men unite to fight their enemy, who was still one of them.

Doogie Kamealoha, M.D – Episode One

Doogie Kamealoha, M.D is a dramedy inspired by medical series. It follows Lahela’s life and medical career. With the support of her family and friends, she is determined to be successful in her life. Dr. Clara Hannon, Lahela’s mother, guides her throughout as she is also serving as the supervisor in the hospital. Her father, Benny, also connects her to important people in her life. They include her brothers, Kai and Brian Patrick, and Steph, her best friend, crush, and fellow workmates.

Turner & Hooch (Arf Appreciation) – Episode 5

Hooch is accused of destroying an expensive painting. It is Scott’s responsibility to prove his dog is innocent.

Mira, Royal Detective – Season Two (15 Episodes)

Mira serves the queen of Jalpur as a royal detective. She is a commoner on an adventure to solve mysteries. Thus, she sets out with her cousin Priya, Prince Neel, and her two mongooses, Chikku and Mikku.

The Wizard of Paws – Season One

Derrick Campana helps animals without limbs to stand or walk by creating for them an artificial limb. It is a dramatic life transformation as life gives them a second chance.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow seeks the fountain of the youth. He meets a woman he had encountered before during his missions, Barbossa’s old enemy and the Blackbeard.What If

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