5 Reasons We Love Melissa Ordway as Abby on The Young and the Restless

She’s been a regular on The Young and the Restless since she made her first appearance as Abby in 2013. Her character is the daughter of Victor and Ashley, which is not a good pairing for many. She’s got more than her fair share of controversy as this character is a sibling to Victor and Nikki’s kids, but never feels she’s good enough for a main role in his company. She’s not entirely wrong as her father tends to pick her siblings all the time, but she’s been the youngest for a long time. And we just love her as Abby. Here’s why.

She’s Got the Look

When you think of someone that is the youngest daughter of a man like Victor Newman, you tend to think of someone who looks like Melissa Ordway. She’s young, she’s gorgeous, and she’s got that very innocent look to her. She seems like she’s well aware of the fact that she’s pretty, but she manages to embody that sorority girl look so well. She uses it to her advantage in this role, and it often makes her appear as naïve and as immature as they make her out to be in the script.

She’s Got the Experience

She’s a woman who has experience acting. She’s been in the business for a long time, and she even began her career doing some children’s shows as well as a very popular CW drama that, unfortunately, did not last all that long. She’s got the acting ability to take on this role, and it’s easy to see why she was given the chance to take over as Abby.

She’s a Mom

She recently gave birth to her first child, and now she’s a mother. This allows her to tap into her emotions a bit more, because there is nothing more emotional than being a mother who knows what it’s like to love someone more than you love yourself. She’s been using this range in her life since she came back to the show, and we’ve seen a significant increase in her talent since then. It’s a small change, but we can see it. She’s better, and she’s probably not even aware of it.

She Handled A Major Transition

Before she took over as Abby, the role was being played by another actress who had it for a long time. Marcy Rylan was good at the role, and she was a recognizable face. It’s not exactly easy to take on a role when it’s been played by someone as good as Rylan, but she stepped into the role and made fans of the character think she’d been playing the character forever. That’s not an easy feat, but it’s one she’s managed to take on. Many actresses cannot make that happen because the old actress in the role was so good and so memorable, but she’s managed to make this transition a hit. It’s been amazing.

She’s got Depth

If there is one thing Abby has to face as a character, it’s adversity. She can go from being happy one minute to being completely miserable the next. She can go from on top of the world to rock bottom without much more than a sneeze, and she manages to grab whatever she needs to do and make it her own as a result. She’s good. and She makes sure her fans know she’s got the ability to be just as good as they want her to be. She’s been kidnapped. She’s been held hostage. She’s been close to death. She’s been happier than anyone. She’s lost loved ones, she’s been in the best places, and she’s been given a chance to prove herself to her father. All the while, she manages to make it clear she has the range to take on whatever is thrown her way.

Some soap actresses are known for being a little dramatic and over-the-top, but she’s managed to stay professional. She’s good at what she does, but she’s not obvious about it. She’s got the range, the skill, and the talent to maintain this character for years to come.

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