Whatever Happened to Maia Brewton?

Whatever Happened to Maia Brewton?

If you can believe it, the Thor-obsessed kid from Adventures in Babysitting is now in her 40s and for the most part well out of the spotlight. She had a resurgence in 2015 for a brief moment it would appear but apart from that she hasn’t been seen on camera that much, if at all, for the past five years or so. But if anyone remembers her, Maia Brewton was around a time or two in the movies and on TV as she played a minor part in Back to the Future as one of Lorraine’s siblings, and she was on the show Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. In terms of being famous the role in Adventures in Babysitting is probably what she’ll go down in history for if only because it was one of her best appearances and, let’s be fair, it was one of her most memorable since she was the perfect annoying little sister that one could have asked for in the movie without being too over the top. There isn’t a whole lot of information on her apart from her time in show business and the fact that she’s a Yale graduate, a mother of 2, is an open lesbian, and also became an attorney. All in all it does sound as though Maia is pretty open with her life and has no real regrets when it comes to much of anything, at least not that she’s shared with anyone. At the moment though it does sound as though her life has become what she made of it and that most if not all of it is rather positive.

Her net worth is pretty impressive when looking at it and is obviously enough that she wouldn’t have to go back to acting any time soon, though one has to wonder if it’s just from acting or if being an attorney had as much to do with it. In any case she’s done quite well for herself and the memories that a lot of us have of her from back in the day are bound to be all we’re going to get at this point since she’s made a couple of comebacks to the screen, but nothing lasting since she’s stayed away for a while now. Being a child actor that actually made good and got out when she felt the need is likely one of the most positive parts of her career since as we’ve seen, the likelihood of a child actor reaching adulthood without any issues whatsoever is possible, but it’s not always foolproof since too many people have fallen prey to one issue or another, or even a host of them, that come from being famous and the many pressures that are foisted upon said stars. It’s pretty obvious that Maia has managed to slip free of a lot of these pressures if not all at this time and is living a life that’s best suited to her and her family.

People might want to ask when she knew she was a lesbian, or why she exited show business only to come back a couple of times, but there are moments when it’s best to just sit back and report that someone made the best decisions for them without needing to pry any further. It’s enough to take a look and see that she’s doing well and be happy for her while looking back to see what she contributed while laughing our collective butts off since she was just good enough at what she did to leave us with a few good memories that can be enjoyed over and over. It is kind of a wake-up call for a lot of us though to realize that as she’s in her early 40s that means that we too are getting older, and that the entertainment we enjoyed when we were younger is now considered ‘old’ or ‘vintage’ depending on who one asks. Whether Maia thinks of this or not is hard to say, but as our kids tend to naturally wonder about the entertainment we enjoyed when we were their age, one of the best things to do is remind them why the movies and programs they enjoy today are possible. Thanks to Maia and a slew of other people both in front of the camera and behind it the entertainment of today was given a chance to develop, to evolve, and to adapt into what it is now. It’s easy and very natural to forget folks like Maia since they came and went in such a brief amount of time that some folks might never have known her name in the first place. To some she might have just been ‘the kid sister in Adventures in Babysitting‘, and not much else.

It’s important to remember though that she and many others helped things to move along in their own way.

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