10 Things You Didn’t Know about ZellSwag

Zell Swag

If there is one person who keeps fans guessing about his love life, it has to be ZellSwag. Zell, whose official name is Rodney Lasell Shaw, was born on January 29, 1988, in Ohio and grew up in Hamilton. He has always had a passion for fashion; hence, he eventually became a celebrity stylist. Zell came into the limelight after featuring in “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” and since then, details of his life are always in the media. Although some information, such as where he went to school, is not disclosed, we have gathered a few facts to enlighten you about ZellSwag.

1. His mother pressured him for grandchildren

It is the joy of every parent to live long enough to hold their grandchildren in their arms. It is indeed a blessing that cannot be overlooked to witness three or more generations grow up, and Zell Swag’s mother wanted to see her grandchildren. She, therefore, kept pressuring her son to settle down and have a family, but Zell Swag does not seem to be in a hurry to do so. Instead, he flaunted a picture of his goddaughter, and maybe that is the closest that his mother will ever come to seeing Zell Swag as a father.

2. Why he was fired by “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

As much as shows love drama and will do anything to have a storyline that attracts a broader audience, Zell Swag took it a little further with his beef with Mister Ray. Zell and Mister Ray fought during the reunion, which led to him being axed. For Zell, it was a regrettable mistake that cost him not only his job but also the opportunity to be with people he held close to his heart. Still, he had to move on, and he disclosed he would be doing another show that would reveal his dating life and more of his drama.

3. He once stayed in hotels

They say the view from the top is fantastic, but before you enjoy it, you will have to pass through significant challenges, one of which could be being homeless. Many celebrities now own mansions, but at one time, they had no place to call home. Jennifer Lopez was homeless at 18, and Steve Jobs had to feed himself by collecting coke bottles. Mister Ray called Zell Swag homeless, which could have resulted in the beef between the two. However, the truth is that Zell, although he was not sleeping at home, still had some money to afford the nights at hotels for $125 each night. To him, those were tough times.

4. He believes in God

Christians usually have certain expectations for those who share the same faith. For instance, anyone who claims to be a Christian would criticize Zell for his sexuality. Then again, the Holy Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of His glory, so Zell still believes in God. The first thing that Zell does upon waking up is talk to God, asking him to either bring him up or take him down, depending on whatever needs to be done.

5. His current love life

Zell Swag’s love life portrays confusion. As a teenager, he dated lots of girlfriends before deciding that he preferred men. Now, he is with Divine, Rob Kardashian’s ex, and we will have to wait and see if the relationship lasts. Divine dated Rob for only a few weeks before calling it quits and moving on with Zell. She must be one of a kind for Zell to give up on being gay since he is determined to treat her like a princess. Divine flaunts her body on Instagram, and evidently, she does not mind being naked in front of strangers. Her profile picture on the platform even has her showing off her boobs.

6. He can be disrespectful towards women

Zell described himself as being aggressive, but he brought that aggression on the show and disrespected his castmates. He and Paris, his best friend, body-shamed Brittany and passed rude remarks about her ass. One fan pointed out that Zell had done the same with other women yet acted mellow around his fellow men.

7. He once dated a transgender

It is no longer considered a big deal for a person to transform their bodies to enable them to become comfortable in their skin. Among the most famous transgender people is Caitlyn Jenner, who also underwent gender reassignment surgery. Zell Swag does not like to be labeled as gay or straight, but his love life gives us a clue as to whom he prefers. According to MTO News, Zell Swag was dating Savanna, a transgender woman whom he describes as prettier than all the other girls on the reality show.

8. He convinced The Game to promote Fashion Nova Men

As a celebrity, what you wear and what you do can have major consequences on the public perception, which ultimately affects your income. The Game figured that out, and when Fashion Nova approached him to help promote their clothing line, he was hesitant. As far as he knew, the line sold women’s clothes, but they informed him they were also dealing with men’s clothing. It took the intervention of Zell Swag to convince him that it was a good deal. Consequently, The Game signed a $1 million contract with the brand, and his friends thought he looked good, so they also wanted to try out the outfits.

9. His sexuality

It is strange that even when everyone is fighting for their rights, some people prefer to remain hidden. Zell Swag does not like to identify as either gay or straight, but those he has dated do not mind disclosing that he wants the company of men. Some people like to clean their dirty linen in public, and one of them is Zell’s ex, Joe Exclusive. According to Joe, he had to leave Zell because he sucked the life out of him. As he confessed Zell always knew he wanted to play for the other aside and he heeded to his body’s desires at 23. Since he knows he cannot give his mother grandchildren, he sometimes feels guilty about his sexual preferences.

10. His net worth

Zell Swag may have come into the limelight by being cast in “Love &Hip Hop Hollywood,” but even before then, he was already rubbing shoulders with stars. He prides himself as not only a fashion stylist who has worked with Keyshia Cole and Remy Ma; he also is a musician. He released “Married to Gucci,” his first single on January 29, 2019, which happened to be his birthday. With his television life, music, and working as a stylist, Zell has accumulated a net worth of $2 million.

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