The Life of Lexi Tatman After Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

The Life of Lexi Tatman After Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

The Life of Lexi Tatman After Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant

Reality television has a special place in the hearts of viewers, and the more outrageous the show, the better. Series like Teen Mom gained massive popularity by following the lives of teenage girls who became pregnant by their teenage boyfriends. Spinoffs such as Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant have also found success, and audiences can’t get enough of these chaotic stories. One such story is that of Lexi Tatman, who first appeared on national television during the first season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. After being fired from the show, fans have been curious about her life and what she’s been up to. Unlike many reality stars, Lexi’s time in the spotlight was brief, and she doesn’t seem to have any desire to return to television. So, what has she been up to since then? Let’s find out.

Her Story

Lexi Tatman’s journey is quite intriguing. She met her son’s father, Kyler, when she was in middle school. At a 2013 football game, Kyler offered Lexi a hug to keep her warm, and that simple gesture marked the beginning of their nearly 9-year relationship. Kyler proposed in 2020, and Lexi said yes. In 2022, she also said yes to a wedding dress, hinting that the couple might be getting closer to tying the knot. Lexi and Kyler welcomed their first son, Tobias, in October 2017 when Lexi was only 17 years old. In August 2019, they had a second child, Jay, whose birth they kept a secret until sharing a photo of him sleeping.

Career Plans

After her stint on reality television and her subsequent firing, Lexi had a plan: she would attend mortuary school. Although it’s a morbid career choice, someone has to do it. However, this path didn’t work out for the young mother, and she decided to try something new. Lexi is now a certified nail technician, having started her classes in May 2020. Meanwhile, her fiancé, Kyler, earned his commercial driver’s license in 2021, opening up new career opportunities for him. Lexi proudly shared his accomplishment on social media, and it seems the couple is doing well together.

Where is She Now?

Lexi is currently living a relatively private life in Colorado with her fiancé and their two sons. Although she shares glimpses of her family life with her followers online, she doesn’t seem to crave the spotlight anymore. Instead, she’s content with being a mother, a fiancé, and possibly planning a wedding. Although we don’t know any details about the wedding, Lexi’s recent purchase of a wedding dress in April 2022 suggests that the couple is moving forward with their plans. For now, Lexi and Kyler are focused on working, raising their boys, and spending quality time together as a family. Perhaps being fired from reality television wasn’t the worst thing to happen to them. They can now enjoy a more private life and keep their family out of the public eye, which seems to be working well for them. Lexi is happy, thriving, and surrounded by her loving family.

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