Whatever Happened to Judge Reinhold?

Remember when we used to see Judge Reinhold pop up every now and then for a movie or a TV spot? He’s listed as an active actor at this point but according to his resume, he hasn’t done anything since 2017. A couple of years back he was in the news for lashing out at TSA agents while he was on his way to Sante Fe, New Mexico, and didn’t want to have his bags checked. Judge was taken into custody at that point and that’s the most that people have heard of him in a while since he’s been keeping his private life on the down-low as much as possible. It’s hard to equate the guy that’s been kind of a goofball on screen and at times a great actor with someone that might flip out on a TSA agent, but one thing that’s been pretty common throughout the years is that actors are often very different than the characters they portray in front of the cameras. For quite a few years Judge has been the kind of actor that can swing from being serious to being kind of a nut sometimes, but it’s worked in a big way since people remember him fondly and have been excited to see him now and again.

It’s also rumored that he’ll be taking up his role in another Beverly Hills Cop movie, even if people are a little divided on whether the movie should even be made since the third one was popular but it felt as though it should have ended there. There are plenty of other things that Judge could do and it does sound as though he has other projects coming up that might push him back into the spotlight. As the Christmas season is rolling up on us, or looming over us depending on your point of view, people will be able to see him again as The Santa Clause movies are bound to be popular once again. While he played kind of a pain in the backside as Neal he was still convincing in the role and the eventual turn he took from being the irritating stepfather to the kind and somewhat goofy stepdad in the second movie and then the third was actually kind of nice since it felt more like the actor that a lot of people remember from the past. Judge is in his 60s now and it’s fair to say that he won’t be playing a lot of action roles, but then he was never much of an action star since drama and comedy have usually been his best go-to roles since this is where he’s excelled the most.

His time in movies such as Beverly Hills Cop and Fast Times at Ridgemont High were among the best roles that he’s had in his long and fairly successful career, but there have been long stretches in between those movies when he was still working but went largely unnoticed by a lot of people. To say that he’s not popular enough to sustain his career isn’t accurate at all, but to say that he’s starred in a few clunkers over the years that some people appreciate and others have ignored is a lot closer to the truth. He’s been staying busy for quite a while in fact, but the truth is that a lot of what he’s done has flown under the radar or has been pushed to the side or even just ignored by a lot of people that are more enthused about the roles he’s become known for over the years. It’s great for actors to become loved for one or two roles out of all the others they’ve done, but what’s really funny is that a lot of actors might not care for the roles that made them famous since they either took these roles because they needed work at the time or were under the impression that the roles would be much different than what they turned out to be. In some cases actors have even been locked into roles since simply walking away wouldn’t be in their best interest, which makes it hard to enjoy the role since they might not want to do it any longer.

But Judge Reinhold has been keeping himself busy over the years, at least up until around a few years ago. It does sound as though he’ll be coming back eventually to star in a few projects and it’s likely that people will be excited once again to see him on screen and will welcome him back with open arms. As far as acting goes he’s been solid for quite a few years and there’s no reason to think that he’s slipping at this point. What he’ll do next is largely unknown, but it will be good to see him again.

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