Whatever Happened to Philip Michael Thomas?

Whatever Happened to Philip Michael Thomas?

Whatever Happened to Philip Michael Thomas?

Philip Michael Thomas rose to fame thanks to his iconic role in the beloved 1980s cop show Miami Vice. Alongside the legendary Don Johnson, Thomas went down in history as a TV’s favorite duo. But what has happened to him after the show?

Back in the days of Miami Vice, Philip Michael Thomas was probably at what many would call his peak since, as Detective Ricardo Tubbs, he’s been remembered by a lot of people. But those that know anything about him likely realize that this wasn’t his entire career since he’s been active for quite some time, at least until he retired from the business in 2011. Here’s what happened to the star.

Philip Michael Thomas’ Projects After Miami Vice

nash bridges philip michael thomas

Thomas is one of the many that have been around for long enough to have seen show business transform under his own eyes. This is a continuing tradition in the industry since if there’s no change, then it stagnates. And if there’s no entertainment for people to enjoy, well, life becomes harder for some and simpler for others.

Leaving that particular discussion behind, Thomas has been a part of the movie, music, TV, and even video game scenes throughout his career since he has voiced a couple of characters, one of them being Lance Vance in two Grand Theft Auto games. That might be enough for a lot of people to remember him fondly, along with his Miami Vice stint. But it’s fair to say that apart from these roles, he’s faded gradually into the background, as many actors tend to do if they don’t work on keeping their reputation moving in a positive direction.

Thomas also released a music album titled Living the Book of My Life in 1985. When it comes to his acting gigs, he reunited with Johnson in the police drama Nash Bridges in 1997. After that, he hasn’t been very active in Hollywood, but reportedly there are some new projects on the horizon for him.

Life After Hollywood

Miami Vice philip michael thomas

After a while, show business just isn’t what it used to be. Or simply isn’t for them any longer. Some folks bow out and go off to lead a normal life away from the camera, while others don’t. They might stick in an attempt to keep reinventing themselves in order to see what will stick and what they can do to maintain whatever glimmer of fame they can still find. Thomas hasn’t really been seen or heard from since 2011, at least not in any huge capacity that might draw a noticeable crowd.

He has been keeping busy apparently by helping other actors reach their goals. He’s also an inspiration in many ways to others that want to attain the same kind of fame he had or greater. So it’s not exactly as though he made his way to Florida to be a hermit that people no longer talk about. If anything, it sounds as though Thomas simply went the quiet route and decided to keep making a difference in the lives of others as he’s been doing for a while now.

It’s also easy to think that he might have wanted to find more time to spend with his family since he has 11 kids from five different relationships. His family is important, and he’s probably figured out how to divide his time between his work and his kids. This would take a lot of energy for the average person since four or so is still a full house and takes a lot of effort. Parents can agree that kids are a full-time job. At this point, his kids are all grown, though. So it’s easy to think that he gets to spend a great deal of time just having fun with life and doing what feels is important at this juncture.

Philip Michael Thomas is Still a Household Name

philip michael thomas miami vice

No matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen a celebrity, people believe any narrative they want. Philip Michael Thomas is one of the many celebrities that has had his name in the news for a variety of reasons. But he has somehow made it out the other side, into retirement, with his reputation still intact. People can say whatever they want, but it sounds as though he found his happy spot. He has been enjoying the practice of helping others find their way into the business for a while now. It’s nice to have a purpose, especially if it involves giving back.

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