Whatever Happened to Darrell Sheets from Storage Wars?

Darrell Sheets

By now most of us should be well aware of the idea that Storage Wars was mostly scripted and only had a few moments here and there that were genuine, such as when Dave Hester decided to act like a world-class jerk and Dan and Laura weren’t exactly the shining example of patience either. Each one of the cast members had their own personal hangups, but The Gambler, Darrell Sheets, was one of the unique personalities that seemed to know a lot about a few things but acted like he knew everything about most things. It’s hard to tell just how much he really knows that a formal education might have taught him, but when it comes to storage compartments and finding value in the things he’s found there’s no doubt that he knows how to make money since he’s scored some pretty big hits in his time. As Meg Bucholtz of Looper would tell you the nickname he earned describes how he goes about the storage game to a tee since he’s the guy that will go big to gain a locker that might have that one special item in it. Despite the fact that the lockers on the show were seeded as it’s been revealed, it’s hard not to think that a guy like Darrell, who’s done this for a living, hasn’t found a few treasure troves here and there that people have somehow left due to delinquent payments.

Having watched the show right up until it moved to Texas (I could only stand so much after a while) I got to see just as much as anyone how Darrell operates and there were times when it was pretty obvious that he was playing to the audience. Becki Robins of Grunge has more to say on this matter. There were other times however when it was hard to tell if he was being serious or if he was being a big goof. Now and again there were times when it seemed as though he was really having issues with the other bidders since he and Dave Hester seemed to quarrel quite a bit at times. Watching him with Jarrod and Brandi and even Barry was kind of fun since he got to be more of a loose and very interesting individual, but it’s kind of obvious that he wouldn’t be the easiest guy to work around, much as his son Brandon could probably attest to. Still, after all that, he was one of the more noted and enjoyable aspects of the show since he was the big guy that just waded into the auction and actually managed to drop a few stinker compartments onto those that really didn’t want them. The idea of driving the price up for a unit seems like a very jerk thing to do to anyone, but Darrell could do it with the best of them at times.

Since the show ended he began making the transition to full retirement in Lake Havasu, Nevada, where he would eventually settle in with his new fiance and just kick back and post his daily life on Instagram while enjoying fixing up old cars. Darrell seems to strike a lot of people as one of the older guys that wants a simpler life than he had, while being nice and set with his fortune, where he can enjoy his family and his free time away from the hectic everyday pace he once set. After being sick for a while and then suffering through a mild heart attack that was worsened by an infection in his lungs though it feels safe to say that he felt the need to change his lifestyle a bit and start living healthier. At this point he’s still down at Havasu and enjoying himself as he’s earned it, but it’s likely that we’ll continue to hear from Darrell via Instagram more than a few times in the coming days since the guy doesn’t seem to know how to be quiet considering that he’s an outgoing and very fun individual. You can say that he’s earned the right to be the way he is simply because he’s been through enough in his life that it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of the labors that he worked so hard for.

As far as the show goes he was definitely one of the more entertaining individuals since he was one of the more balanced figures there. He was a bit over the top now and again but unlike Hester with his annoying ‘Yuuup!’ or the comic duo that was Brandi and Jarrod, Darrell and his son Brandon were kind of enjoyable since they had their own back and forth thing that worked on a couple of levels. As far as Barry went, that was usually some next-level stuff that was just kooky on its own and fun to watch.

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