Whatever Happened to Danny Cooksey?

Danny Cooksey is someone that you’ll likely look at and possibly say ‘Oh yeah! I remember him!’ once you get the idea of where you’ve seen him in your head. In terms of making it big in show business he’s been more the type that tends to show up now and again or contributes to a project and isn’t always noted right away. He’s still in the business and he does make appearances now and again but he’s definitely slowed down quite a bit in terms of his career. The filmography he’s amassed over the years is fairly impressive when considering how many people may or may not remember him, but those that watched T2 religiously will surely recognize Danny as John Connor’s redheaded friend that happens to think very little of John’s Foster parents and is always up for a bit of mayhem with his buddy. He was also a pretty common sight on Diff’rent Strokes as well as many other shows that made use of his acting talent back in the day. Now though at 44 he takes on a lot more voice roles as it’s been seen. Danny’s been a part of a lot of smaller and moderate-sized projects in his career but thus far his biggest claims to fame came when he was still pretty young and hadn’t hit voting age yet.

This is pretty common among child stars however since a lot of them will go into the business with a hot hand and become a very well known commodity in many circles, but will start to fade out as they get older and by the time adulthood rolls around they’ll be all but forgotten. A lot of them still contribute to the business and remain behind the scenes as they do their own thing and continue to make it known that they’re still very active in the industry, but then again a lot of them take a much quiet role in the process as well. Sometimes it’s a matter of leading a quieter life than they had growing up, while in other situations the actors simply don’t realize that they’re not as popular as they used to be and are trying their hardest to make sure that people remember them and will actually know who they are in another year. This doesn’t appear to be the case with Danny as he’s been fairly busy but hasn’t courted any serious controversy when it comes to trying to stay known and relevant. Too many stars and would-be, faded out stars do whatever it takes to keep their name in circulation on a regular basis since they want the glory, the lifestyle, the paycheck, and so on and so forth. Others however are happy with their lot in life and the fact that they’ve been able to influence enough people that they’ll be remembered and possibly brought up now and again thanks to nostalgia.

Danny has been prolific enough to have been a musician as well for a good part of his life and has been a part of several bands that did fairly well for their time together. He did try to form a super-group utilizing the talents of former band mates from different groups, but it kind of fell through when they failed to secure a record deal. Obviously the music business is just as harsh as the movie and TV industries since if you’ve got the sound that people want they’re bound to mob you and signing to a label won’t be much of an issue. But getting that kind of interest from people and keeping it is another matter altogether since as a lot of us know, people are fickle and will move on from one thing to the next in the blink of an eye if they don’t believe in it enough to give it more than a passing glance. It’s that way in any form of entertainment or even anything that people happen to think is interesting. If if strikes a person in a certain way they might be more apt to remember it, especially if they connect said entertainment to a memory or sensation. This could be why a lot of people would likely remember Danny from T2 since the movie was one of those that a lot of people were able to get behind and declare as one of the better movies of its time. Of course his part was pretty small and was there and gone, but it did serve a purpose since seeing John alone might not have been as interesting and having someone to at least try to run interference for him was kind of amusing for as little as it worked.

It’s nice to see that Danny is still working, but it’s also easy to note that he’s fairly happy being behind the scenes.

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