What We Learned From The Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Trailer


So far looking at the new Wonder Woman animated movie one can say that it looks awesome for a few reasons. I’ll be straightforward and say that I’m a Marvel fan and not much of a DC person, but giving credit where it’s due is easy when something impressive is presented, and this looks like it might qualify. In essence this movie gives us a look at the same kind of story line, kind of, that we saw in the first Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot when Steve Trevor crashes within the protective barrier of Themyscira. The same thing seems to happen as he and Wonder Woman, Diana still at that point, head back into the world to combat whatever forces of evil she thinks need to be faced. One big difference this time around though is that there will be more enemies and it will be a more current timeline. Another obvious difference is her outfit, which has become even more conservative than the movie. It still looks great but it’s kind of obvious that DC is looking to appease adult viewers as well as younger viewers with this version.

With that being said though the story does seem to be one that puts Diana into the mix without too much story to get into, and it seems she’s going to have her hands full since there are least a few enemies she’ll have to face and more than that, there will be a few of them headed to Themyscira. That statement alone should make one feel sorry for the enemies, but as we’ve already seen the Amazons have likely forgotten more about warfare than many people will ever learn in a dozen lifetimes. Unfortunately that makes it necessary to think that anyone actually planning on attacking the island will have a seriously diabolical plan that will take into account just how stiff a resistance the Amazons can put up, and will put it into effect as soon as possible. It’s enough to think that the Amazons and Wonder Woman are tough enough to protect themselves since not only do the warrior women exhibit a toughness that’s beyond normal human levels, but their intense training and rigorous exercises are what help them to maintain their quickness and their mental flexibility in battle. As we saw in the Justice League movie they’re rather adept at staying on the move and fighting their enemies as needs be, but again, any enemy that’s willingly attacking the Amazons is likely going to have a plan or will be insanely tough and have something to back it up with.

Rosario Dawson is taking on the voice of Wonder Woman while Jeffrey Donovan will be playing the part of Steve Trevor. You could say that people are excited about this and you’d be right since DC’s animated movies have been doing far better than their live action as of late, though Wonder Woman and Aquaman have both been seen as success stories by many people, and the hope is that the next Wonder Woman movie will be every bit as good and even better than the first. The changes that will be shown in this movie as it seems to pull from the live action and then go right into the action might be interesting, especially considering the DC live action movies have been kind of light on the truly impressive enemies thus far. One can only hope that the live action movies will start stepping it up in terms of action, story, and whether or not they’re going to really get into a fight that the Justice League can’t seemingly win. If there’s any real gripe when it comes to the differences between the DC and MCU brands it’s that Marvel has shown that their heroes are entirely fallible and can lose on occasion, whereas DC has flirted with this on occasion and even gone ahead and gone that far, but with their major heroes they don’t seem willing to pull the trigger and simply let them go just yet.

But honestly their animated movies are killing it right now as they’ve been able to do for so long, and each one just seems to get better as the animated domain definitely seems to belong to DC since this is where they seem to shine. Wonder Woman has been a fan favorite for so long that bringing her to live action was a smart move, but thus far she’s holding the DCEU on her shoulders with some help from Aquaman, but unless the two of them get some help from the other heroes the movie action projects could fade out eventually and become less of a concern. That doesn’t seem likely to happen since the DCEU isn’t ready to give up just yet, but until it’s ready to get going again the animated movies are going to be where it’s at.

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