What We Learned from The Trailer for “Kid Cosmic” on Netflix

What We Learned from The Trailer for “Kid Cosmic” on Netflix

What We Learned from The Trailer for “Kid Cosmic” on Netflix

Silly appears to be the name of the game for animated series these days, but sometimes it works. It’s a big hope that there’s a lot more substance in this series than is shown in the trailer though since so far it appears to be about a kid with several magic stones that he gifts to a few other people, and a cat, to help save the earth from a band of marauding aliens. It’s not a ridiculous premise really, but it is kind of laughable in a good way since it would appear that the stones give their bearers access to their abilities, which are interesting, to say the least. The series doesn’t release until February 2nd, but already it kind of looks like it might be something that children and even a few adults might find enticing since it appears to have a similar sense of humor as shows such as Big City Greens and Gravity Falls, though it’s easy to think that thanks to the story the feel of the series will be something quite different. The show does include a pretty diverse bunch since an old man, a young woman, a child, and a cat sound like an odd group to put together along with another slightly older kid that wants to be a superhero even though he keeps screwing up every time he tries.

But that could be where things get interesting since it’s already established in the trailer that the group won’t be entirely comfortable with the powers they can wield right off the bat, but the old man, the young girl, and the cat appear to take control of their stones fairly easily. Maybe I’m reading too much into that, as it could be that everyone has an issue when it comes to adjusting to their stone initially, which would make some kind of sense considering that the young girl might be the only one that would really use the power instinctively until she got the hang of it. But that’s likely going to be something that will come clear when the show is available to watch. Just looking at it as of now the experience does feel as though it might be kind of ridiculous in the eyes of some but definitely entertaining to others since it has what a lot of kids love to see, action and comedy put together along with a well-defined enemy that the heroes will have to face off against. In essence, it does look like the classic heroes vs. villains story, but if something else comes of it then it won’t be too much of a surprise since a lot of shows and movies these days tend to hold back certain moments and themes from making it into the trailer just to keep people guessing.

I could say that cartoons were a lot different back in the day and it would still be true but despite the efforts of PC culture to ‘ruin’ some animated shows it does feel that some still feel the need to cut loose and just go for broke when it comes to adding in as much entertainment as possible and get the point across that this is supposed to be a fun and zany time that’s not meant to be taken too seriously but isn’t going the same route as Looney Tunes either, which is kind of a benchmark when it comes to calling an animated series wild and crazy, since yes, I still believe that Rick and Morty have nothing on the Looney Tunes, who have been a time-honored classic for a long, long time now. But going that route isn’t just difficult, it tends to destroy a lot of themes that any show might come up with since the whole idea of the Looney Tunes is that they’re short stories that may or may not make sense, but the main point is that they’re fun, they’re wacky, and they can be as crazy as they want to be sometimes without really needing to have a solid point that’s adhered to. Shows such as Kid Cosmic need a central theme that the show will revolve around and build from in order to have more than one season and to keep a steady, flowing narrative that can be added to as the show goes on.

In that light, it will be interesting to see if the show lasts more than one season since Netflix has a reputation for dumping shows after one to three seasons for their own reasons. It might happen, it might not, but as of February, we’ll get to see if this show is worthy of sticking around for another season or if it’s going to be best to just call it a fun experiment and move on.

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