HBO’s “Westworld” is Getting a Delos Park Training Simulation Mobile Game

HBO’s “Westworld” is Getting a Delos Park Training Simulation Mobile Game

Westworld is getting a Delos Park Training simulation for mobile devices thanks to HBO and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and it should be able to deliver a widespread experience that should easily hook people without much effort. The simulator will follow the story of a young Delos Trainee who has been given access to the system and is able to run simulations much as you see in the show. This will grant people the chance to make choices about what will happen and what they will make happen as a result, which means that in a way the user gets to run the world as they see fit, within the programming of course.

The show has proven to be a complete mind trip that people can’t get enough of at the moment and has had people waiting in anticipation for each episode thus far. It’s a stunning look at what constitutes reality and what can happen if the created was to ever turn on the creator. The scary part of this is that with all the advances in AI and the rate at which technology is still going each day it’s hard not to think that mankind’s imagination might soon be reachable in terms of our limitations. The idea of Westworld after all is not something that a lot of people take idly when it comes to inventing and producing an experience unlike anything that’s come before. Thankfully though this is one idea that’s still used for entertainment and little else since the applications for such an attraction are still a bit beyond anything that people could do.

Despite the great advances in technology it’s still safe to think that it might not be in our lifetime or that of our kids that such a thing as Westworld could ever be made possible. It’s not something to scoff at entirely but for now the mobile game simulator should be an exciting experience for fans of the show that might want to see what it’s like to fashion a world that exists at the behest of the creators. The ethical quality of such a thing would no doubt be what might keep such a place from existing, but in the game one doesn’t have to worry over this as they can have all the fun and none of the real, over the top responsibility that would come from creating characters and then telling them they’re not real. Imagine though if such a world existed, there might be dozens of ethical violations that could be applied against the creators, though it seems likely that few if any would stick.

All in all the game will likely be a lot of fun and more than a little engaging since it’s all about the show and and what goes into making the world that people are meant to enjoy. It’s probably safe to think that some fans have wondered if a place like Westworld might ever be a possibility for a real-life application, but for now the game should suffice.

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