Jenna Fischer Wears a Bath Towel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! After Wardrobe Malfunction

Jenna Fischer Wears a Bath Towel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! After Wardrobe Malfunction

Jenna Fischer wearing a bath towel on Jimmy Kimmel’s show after a wardrobe malfunction proves that things happen even on live TV. Fortunately she felt comfortable enough to come out and that towel was well-wrapped so that she had no reason to freak out any further when it came to sitting in front of people like she’d just gotten out of a spa. But after the initial moment of talking about it she was ready to and speak on other matters that were going on, such as the opening of her show Splitting Up Together. The show is just one many that’s come out lately and is taking on a subject that a lot of people might not know about called ‘bird-nesting’ or just ‘nesting’.

This is when a separated or divorced couple still live in the same home and take turns as to who’s ‘on duty’ when it comes to their kids. If they don’t have kids obviously that’s not a problem, but when they do have them then it becomes an issue of who’s going to watch them for the time being. That kind of seems like a silly thing to argue about when it comes to your kids but honestly and truly it seems to be the way that people want to do things now. The act of separating or divorcing is usually hard on kids since they don’t fully understand what’s going on, and even if they do they tend to think that it’s their fault. By nesting it seems that the parents can at least both be there for the children so as to show that they’re willing to co-exist in a household that’s no longer considered to be conducive to their marriage but is still being held together for the sake of the children and their needs.

Honestly it seems like a horrible idea for those couples that split without any real resolution, which could be a deal-breaker for this kind of parenting. If you’ve ever seen a couple divorce then you know that not everyone does so in a kind and amicable manner. But for those that realize their marriage is beyond being saved but still care about each other it could work. Otherwise the constant sniping, arguing, and otherwise ill feelings could trickle down to the kids and create a truly divided household that wouldn’t be healthy for anyone involved. As a TV show it certainly has the drama aspect working for it, especially considering that in the show one parent would live above the garage while the other would live in the house with the kids. That seems more like work though than parenting, meaning one person is taking a shift while the other one gets the week off. Some parents might give their eye teeth for that chance, but in terms of raising one’s kids it seems just flat out cruel.

But to each their own, and hopefully the show can find a way to be a big success. It’d be open to comedy for certain just to dull the edge.

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