What We Learned from The Trailer for Big Mouth Season 4

What We Learned from The Trailer for Big Mouth Season 4

It’s almost as though someone is asking how Big Mouth can get any crazier since now we’re going to be dealing with anxiety on top of everything else that the show has had to offer in the past three seasons, and it’s all going to be coming in just a matter of days since the Netflix series is set to release season 4 in early December. Growing up is a pain in the butt a lot of times but when you factor anxiety into the mix everything appears to get amped up to such a degree that you can’t help but feel as though the world is falling down around you and everything that could happen is bound to happen and, well, yeah, things start to happen. The changes that the characters will be going through and the camp experience is something that you can imagine is going to be extreme in how it’s presented and in how it affects each one of them on an individual level since everyone goes through anxiety in a different manner and without having to point out the obvious bits, some folks are going to weather it a little better than others, while some are bound to have a breakdown of sorts that might be kind of interesting in a really disturbing way.

One could easily say that this show is depicting its characters in ways that are so outlandish and so over the top that they kind of eliminate the need for a lot of people to worry about their own anxieties when watching, and that’s all well and good. But the fourth season does look like it’s taking another extreme that is going to be utterly insane and, as a result, a lot of fun for viewers since change is on the horizon yet again and as tough and radical as that can be, a lot of people are bound to agree that it’s something that we can’t help but accept, kicking and screaming the entire way as it continues to happen. Boy, that’s kind of a depressing thought sometimes, isn’t it? In the world of Big Mouth though one can’t help but think that change is going to be terrifying and intriguing at the same time since with everything that’s happened in the prior three seasons it’s easy to think that what comes next is going to be near-catastrophic and almost apocalyptic from the standpoint of those that have to go through it. Yeah, it’s dramatic, but so is growing up sometimes as many people have found out, and Big Mouth is one of those shows that takes this and multiplies it in a way that people can relate to in a very big way.

One big thing to note is that the voice of Missy has been recast and will be taken on by a POC as Jenny Slate and the creators have apparently agreed that her casting was a moment of privilege that was, in their estimation, not acceptable. Give me a moment to shake my head on this one since the casting of a white actress for a biracial role that a lot of people didn’t care about up until the BLM started making a great deal of noise is beyond silly, especially since…okay I won’t finish that thought since it could go on for a while. But there are going to be some changes as new cast members will be showing up for this season and at least one will be replaced, and likely chalked up to puberty when her voice is revealed. The show will continue to give the audience the strange and eye-popping visuals they’ve come to expect, but one can easily get the idea that things are only going to get crazier and even more out of control since that’s the nature of the show to be certain and anything less probably wouldn’t be as attractive to viewers at this point.

Since its inception, this has been an odd show, but as has happened with a lot of shows in recent times it’s been one of those that have been trying and doing a pretty good job of getting the attention of the audience in a manner that is kind hard not to stare at sometimes, and in ways that can be increasingly frustrating if people are willing to take note. But one thing Big Mouth hasn’t been for a lot of viewers is boring since people keep coming back for more. Season 4 looks to be another step up the ol’ anxiety ladder that’s always there and willing to accept new participants that may or may not make it all the way up, and a season spent changing before the kids head back to school is going to be one that will likely see a lot of new ways to creep people out. But they’ll keep coming back.

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