What We Learned from the Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Trailer

As much as a reboot can improve a movie and the fan reaction, it can also make things a lot more difficult since people will argue over just about anything, and when it comes to an idea that has a huge fanbase that wants to see accuracy and strict adherence to the source material, one can imagine the headache that comes from those willing to point out every inaccuracy. Resident Evil came out with a bang in the movie theaters in 2002 after spending roughly 6 years as a favorite video game series, and as you can guess, a lot of people had something to say since despite being awesome and having a killer soundtrack, there are several things that the franchise managed to get wrong. Instead of correcting themselves though, the movies just kept coming and the errors kept on compounding. Alice, who was a creation of the director, eclipsed the actual main characters in a big way since Chris and Claire Redfield didn’t even make an appearance in the first movie, and other key characters, protagonists, and antagonists, were severely mishandled by the estimation of many fans. 

This reboot is taking care of that quickly since not only are Claire and Chris Redfield coming into the picture front and center, but the outbreak that would eventually cause the worldwide pandemic will apparently take a slightly longer time to develop, or will at least not be seen going worldwide right away. There are several other pieces to this trailer that appear as though they might follow the game franchise with greater accuracy, but that’s something that will wait to be seen this coming November. It’s easy to imagine that fans will be focusing on several differences in the reboot that weren’t present in the other movies, such as the mansion where the experiments were taking place. 

There’s also the idea that Albert Wesker might finally become who he was meant to be since his role in the movies that have already been created went back and forth when it came to making him the ultimate enemy to the servant of the Umbrella Corporation. It would appear that he’s going to be playing the role of a double agent in this movie as he’ll be part of the STARS unit but will also be working for the Umbrella Corporation. On top of this, other names joining the movie will be Jill Valentine and Ada Wong, who were given little actual screen time in the franchise the last time around. In a sense, it feels that this movie will be setting things back the way that people wanted to see them as many of the images indicate that there will be zombies of course, but they won’t be as numerous as the 2002 version, at least not right away, and there’s bound to be a much darker feel to this version, at least as it’s seen in the trailer. It will be interesting to see if the Lickers were treated as they should have been from the first movie, but overall the reboot looks like it might be a new type of terrifying since it appears to be following the games a little closer.

That could be a good thing but it could also be a negative depending on how the movie comes out, since the history of good video game movies isn’t all that long and it’s extremely spotty given that many of them have flopped in a big way despite the expectations that people had. It’s easy to state that people are going to look forward to the release of this movie since after the last few Resident Evil movies that have come out, it’s been evident that the ship was never going to be righted considering that Alice was the head of the franchise since the first movie and she was one of the main reasons why people kept coming back. To be fair, the franchise did well enough, they simply didn’t follow the games that the people, especially the fans, had spent so much time on over the years, and that’s a bit rough when fans are hoping to see a bit of gratitude in the form of a movie that actually conforms in some ways to the story they’ve been paying to see. 

The big takeaway about this movie is that things are going to be different this time, and likely in a good way that fans will appreciate. Bringing in the characters that fans remember from the games and giving them prominence will go a long way to enticing fans of the games to return to the theater if they ever left in the first place. Even the dogs look better at this time since the current look creates a lot more horror than the dogs from the franchise. 

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