What We Learned From ‘The Eternals’ Teaser Trailer

There’s a lot we can take from The Eternals first teaser trailer and even more that a lot of people are going to be using to analyze and guess about this movie by others since the simple mention of the Avengers has already set many people off when it comes to trying to figure out where the Eternals will factor into the MCU. Obviously they’ve been around for a long, LONG time since the Celestials created them to watch over the earth and keep it safe from the Deviants, the opposing force of the Eternals. But throughout the trailer it makes mention that they’ve stood to the side of history, not interfering, at least up until a certain point. One has to wonder when that point was and how it will factor into the MCU the way things stand now. One has to remember that Thanos is, or as, a Deviant, which put him in direct opposition with the Eternals, among many others. The funny thing about Thanos is that he was born to Eternal parents, but he carried the Deviant gene, which makes it a bit obvious that the experiment that created both the Eternals and the Deviants wasn’t able to completely separate the two species. Also, Deviants evolve, unlike Eternals, which is easier to explain in a longer article. The main point of this is that right now it’s enough to wonder where the Eternals were during the Infinity Saga, and why in the world they wouldn’t step in when Thanos became involved. There’s bound to be a reason for it no matter if people want to accept it or not, but the fact that the Eternals and Deviants are bound to butt heads continually makes it harder to accept that they did nothing when they had the capability since the Eternals together could have possibly brought Thanos to heel. One on one it’s likely that he would have destroyed them, but with a concentrated effort, it’s very likely that they would have brought him down. So why didn’t they? 

Right now there’s no definitive answer, and there probably shouldn’t be until we get closer to the movie’s release, but people are going to be buzzing about this for a while since the best explanation is the one that people don’t want to hear: they weren’t a part of the MCU yet. After all, that same explanation kind of describes why a bunch of heroes weren’t there during the Infinity Saga since Disney didn’t own them yet, and as a result, they weren’t a part of the movie. Plus, think of how big of a movie that might have been had even more characters showing up. The worst part of all that is that if things had gone according to the comics, everyone STILL would have lost, since if people are thinking that Thanos was powerful this time, he was an absolute beast in the comics. The only difference was that the heroes that fought against him were at the level that people expected as well since both the Hulk and Thor were pounding on Thanos until he casually regained the upper hand. 

But back to the Eternals. These super-powered aliens that have been around since the dawn of time have stood around doing mostly nothing save for guiding humanity and staying out of their business more often than not, but now they’re going to be stepping up and making things happen, which kind of gives the impression that something worse than Thanos is coming. Some folks might want to ask what could possibly be worse, and the smile on a Marvel fan’s face should tell them that the answer to that question isn’t going to be a short one. The Eternals belong to the cosmic-level group that was started a long time ago and kept building as newer and deadlier characters were created. People might think of the Silver Surfer, of Galactus, and many others. But if the Deviants are coming then it could explain why the Eternals are banding together after they’ve spent so much time staying apart. The story of the Eternals is one that people kind of need to read up on in order to really understand it since their tale definitely has a few twists and turns that people need to know about if they’re really going to comprehend what they’re seeing in the theater come November. It’s understandable that a lot of folks will simply go see the movie and call it good rather than do the research to know what they’re getting into, but a lot of Marvel fans are going to be chomping at the bit to get their seat and see what the MCU has done with some of the most powerful characters that are about to be introduced. 

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