There’s One Master that Can Train Grogu, and It’s Not Luke

There’s One Master that Can Train Grogu, and It’s Not Luke
There’s One Master that Can Train Grogu, and It’s Not Luke

credit: The Mandalorian

There’s only one master that can train Grogu, and it’s not Luke. Unfortunately, Grogu’s training is not a certain thing since not only is he older than any other padawan, but he currently has no one to teach him. That sounds kind of like a certain someone that starred in the Rebels series. 

Ezra Bridger could end up showing Grogu what it means to live the life of a Jedi. He’s already gone through his own trials and found a master in his time. He might not come off as the perfect Jedi, but he’s the perfect teacher for Grogu.

His experience is not exactly the same, but Ezra knows about fear and hardship. Ahsoka made it clear that something was blocking Grogu from reaching his full potential. Unfortunately, when given a choice by Master Luke to train with him or stay with Din, Grogu made his choice. 

However, this could mean that he might make the same choice. Grogu is fiercely loyal to Din. This makes it tough to think that he would leave the Mandalorian for anyone. The downside of such a decision is that Din can’t teach Grogu how to use the Force. 

There’s One Master that Can Train Grogu, and It’s Not Luke

credit: Star Wars

Grogu’s turn to the dark side is avoidable

Din has done everything he can at this time to teach Grogu right from wrong. The problem is that he can’t teach the child anything about the Force. The Mandalorians aren’t that fond of Jedi and tend to avoid them. But after taking Grogu on as his charge, Din is responsible for how the child develops. 

How Ezra will meet Grogu is another matter entirely, as those who Rebels will understand. With the Ahsoka series coming up it feels easy to state that she will take the responsibility of bringing the two together. Until then, it’s bound to happen that Grogu will continue to practice the Force and will use Din as his guide. 

That’s not the worst idea, but it does mean that Grogu will end up acting on instinct more often than anything. So far, that has been a hit-and-miss proposition. He’s already put a Force choke on Cara Dune when thinking she was harming Din. But otherwise, it feels that he’s done the right thing. 

If Grogu emulates Yoda or Yaddle, it’s possible that he’ll pose a great danger

In all honesty, Yoda and Yaddle were great Jedi Masters who each had many years of study. But while they both had hardships of their own, they still had mentors at one time. Grogu has had none of that. The extermination of the Jedi left him without a chance for training, and other masters were long gone before Din found him. 

If he does end up gaining that kind of power without proper guidance, though, Grogu has the potential to do a great deal of damage. He’s already shown a great affinity for the Force. The only saving grace he has at the moment is that he still has much of his innocence. 

There’s One Master that Can Train Grogu, and It’s Not Luke

credit: The Mandalorian

One has to wonder if Grogu is currently alive in the canon

It sounds ridiculous to think that so many years later, Grogu wouldn’t want to help. But there’s a good chance that, like Luke, Grogu either sought seclusion or simply left. If Grogu were still around, it stands to reason that he could have a place in the modern era of Star Wars. 

Imagine if Grogu were still around and just wanted to disappear and enjoy the quiet of a backwater planet. It does sound as though Din and Grogu might find a less-than-happy future at some point. But it does feel that fans would like to know that Grogu, and perhaps even Din are still around. 

The point is that if Grogu does continue to grow in power, it’s fair to say that a master that understands him would work best. Finding Ezra Bridger would end up as one of the best developments in Grogu’s life and training. The sad fact that it didn’t happen with Luke is likely for the best since, eventually, Luke’s academy is burned to the ground. 

Many people were having a fit, wondering if Grogu fell to Kylo Ren and his group. 

Grogu needs training; there’s no way around that

There’s no doubt that power is great to have, and Grogu has that kind of power. But power without control is dangerous to everyone. The Jedi and even the Sith knew that training was required to harness the power at their disposal. Grogu needs to find a master that can train him in order to attain his true potential.

If Ezra is about to return, it might prove beneficial to him and to Grogu to see to the child’s training. It would make for a great crossover as well. 


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