What We Learned from The Clone Wars Final Season Trailer

What We Learned from The Clone Wars Final Season Trailer

So who else just saw Ahsoka getting ready to take on Darth Maul and got excited? After so long it would appear that The Clone Wars series is finally ending and the final trailer makes it look as though it’s going to be such an end that people are going to be left breathless by the time it’s all said and done, but perhaps a bit saddened as well since we all know what’s coming and how things are going to play out. Meg Dowell of Fansided has more to add to the subject. But the duels are already looking as though they’re about to be off the chain and the action sequences will obviously be top notch as only Star Wars can do it. Looking at various comments it does appear as though a lot of people think that Maul would take Tano apart while only a handful of people by comparison can see the former Jedi taking down the former Sith. In all fairness they were both taken out of their element, but with Ahsoka it was by choice while with Maul it was more or less a fall from grace after his ill-fated duel with Obi-Wan that reduced him to the creature he would eventually become. Apart from that however the trailer is keen on showing the galaxy-spanning ramifications of the Clone Wars and just how they’ve affected one system after another, which has been an ongoing issue throughout the whole of the series.

Ahsoka and Maul definitely appear to be one of the main focus points for the final season as it should set up their time in Rebels quite nicely and give a little more background as to how they came to be in the next series and why they ended up where they did. There’s not much mystery as to why Ahsoka is still around and why she’s not running with the Jedi any longer, but if you watched any of the Clone Wars series you’ll know why Maul is pretty much on his own and not connected to his fellow zabraks and hasn’t dealt with Darth Sidious in a more final fashion. The Emperor already proved to be too much for Maul and his brother Savage Opress, so it’s fair to say that the zabrak had to lay low for a while and chill just to stay off the radar. As far as the rest of the story goes a lot of people that have read the books and watched the movies and even watched the show know what’s going to happen since it’s already been done and documented in a couple of different ways. But we have to have a finale of course and a way to connect all the pertinent facts, so getting off cheap isn’t going to happen.

The showdown between Ahsoka and Maul isn’t going to turn into a brawl however, that much is obvious since Maul is still the stronger of the two and his Force abilities are definitely stronger since Ahsoka is less of a straight-up fighter than she is a tactician, as well as an acrobat considering her fighting skills, and will likely rely on her speed, agility, and cunning when it comes to controlling the tempo of the battle. The other parts of the trailer showing just what’s going to happen tend to go along with the idea that Anakin will begin to become more unstable as he continues to go on about his duties as a Jedi. His eventual turn is interesting to watch since there are plenty of markers along the way that show just how he continues to devolve from the Jedi and starts to lean more and more towards the dark side of the Force. There have been those episodes in which his conduct was questionable at best and those in which you can see just how he would eventually give in to the darker side of his nature, facilitating his fall from grace and his ascension to the Sith. In a way it’s kind of hard to watch at times since everyone knows what’s coming, but there’s always that small sliver of hope that the continuity could change just a bit and perhaps give us a little bit of happier ending than we’re expect. But that would deviate too much, so it’s fair to say that we already know what’s coming, now it’s just a matter of seeing it unfold. James Whitbrook of Gizmodo has his own take on the way this will all end.

It is kind of amazing to see how much could be packed into the Clone Wars since the conflict spanned across the galaxy and affected so many worlds, but thinking that it’s all about to be over is almost kind of sad. Thankfully it’s not the end of Star Wars as we know it, just another transition from one program to another as the story continues along and we’re given another tale to enjoy.

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