It: Welcome to Derry Prequel Series Has Hired Its Showrunners

It: Welcome to Derry Prequel Series Has Hired Its Showrunners
It: Welcome to Derry Prequel Series Has Hired Its Showrunners

Credit: It

You didn’t really think that two of the highest-grossing horror features of modern times would simply end on It: Chapter 2, did you? Well, the machine has still kept pumping out the big bucks, and it’s been confirmed that HBO Max has ordered a direct to the series prequel to the popular film titled: It: Welcome to Derry. The plot details for the series is currently unknown. Chapter 2 pretty much wrapped up the story of the Losers Club, and given the fact that the franchise started when the protagonists were kids, there’s not much to explore about the main characters.

Sure, we could venture into their lives throughout the 27 years they weren’t stalked by Pennywise, but does anyone want to see Beverly’s day-to-day life if she’s not being terrorized by some crazed clown manic? Perhaps she’s lived a rockstar life complete with drugs, sex, and alcohol, but the point is that the Losers Club won’t likely be the focus of the prequel series. That means it’ll likely focus on the origin of Pennywise and the town he inhabits. Of course, that’s just pure speculation on my end. One thing that’s been confirmed is that the mythology of the prequel will come from modern films. It’s possible that more context from the Stephen King books will come into play in the upcoming series, though that hasn’t been confirmed as well.

It: Welcome to Derry Prequel Series Has Hired Its Showrunners

Credit: It

The HBO Max series was first reported by Variety as being under development back in March, with Andy and Barbara Muschietti onboard as executive producers. Welcome to Derry also confirmed that Jason Fuchs and Brad Caleb Kane would be the co-showrunners of the It prequel series. Fuchs credits are mostly loaded on the acting front, with him notably playing Richie’s Manager in It: Chapter 2. He’s also had roles in La La Land, The Good Wife, and The Sopranos. On the writing front, his biggest project was Ice Age: Continental Draft, though he’s been recently hired to pen The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.

Kane has more experience, on the other hand, with him being an executive producer for the following series: Black Sails, Lodge 49, Warrior, Tokyo Vice. He was also a co-producer on Fringe. He’s also served as a writer on various episodes of each of these shows, so Kane has a strong grasp of television writing. This isn’t the first time that It has been a television series as there was a two-part miniseries back in 1990, with Tim Curry memorably stepping into the role of Pennywise.

It: Welcome to Derry Prequel Series Has Hired Its Showrunners

Credit: It: Chapter Two

Out of all the Stephen King novels, the It series has been the most profitable financially as the recent two films made over $1.1 billion combined. If done correctly, an It prequel documenting Pennywise could be really good. Granted, Welcome to Derry doesn’t scream a show that warrants multiple seasons; however, that would likely change once the official synopsis drops for the new series. Welcome to Derry is currently in the pre-production phase, with a pilot script reportedly in the can already.

In terms of casting, there’s no word on whether Bill Skarsgard will return as Pennywise. Since the plot remains a mystery, it’s not even known whether any of the kids of the Losers Club are necessary for any part of the series. As of this writing, there’s no word on when the show is scheduled to shoot or even debut on HBO Max. Given the mess that’s going on behind the scenes with Warner Bros. Discovery, future plans regarding any show are murky at this point, though it’s highly doubtful that this lucrative property will be canceled. We’ll keep you updated once more news drops about It: Welcome to Derry.


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