Jane the Virgin Season Premiere Review: Happily Ever After?

Jane the Virgin Season Premiere Review: Happily Ever After?

Jane the Virgin

There are some things you can’t prepare for. Your husband being shot on your wedding day is one of them. Unless you’re an avid Telenovela or Jane the Virgin fan, then you’ve seen it all. Michael and Jane are that perfect combination of whimsical and practical that every young couple wants to be. When everything around them is totally and completely nuts, Michael and Jane have a magical quality that is admirable. And this is coming from a former #TeamRafael girl, so you know it must be true. Jane and Michael were so close to their happily ever after. Did they get the chance?

First, a quick catch-up. When we left off last season, Jane had finally chosen Michael over Rafael. After some bumpy hit, misses, and arguments, Michael and Jane finally got married. What’s more, Rafael actually started to make peace with it, even if it meant sleeping with Petra (really twin sister Anezka pretending to be, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, the good twin). The real Petra lay #Petrafied in a hospital bed courtesy of Mommy Dearest and the Evil Twin. This leaves Rafael and his daughters at the mercy of Anezka and whatever her grubby mother is up to. Also, Xiomara found out she was pregnant with icky Esteban’s baby. As all of this was going on, Michael finally figured out that his partner Susanna was actually working against him. Except it wasn’t Susanna, but Rose/Sin Rostro in disguise, which she only revealed after she’d shot Michael point-blank in the chest. This is where Jane finds her new husband minutes later.

We’re all waiting on pins and needles wondering if Michael survives, but this is a dramedy. Some lighthearted comedy is required. Anezka is schoolgirl giddy after sleeping with Rafael. As long as her and Magda’s plan to keep Petra #Petrafied works, Anezka assumes she can have it all. Not if Petra has anything to say about it. Coincidentally Michael ends up in the same hospital as Petra, which gives Petra some hope. On some level Rafael feels the disconnect with “Petra”. The spark isn’t there for some reason, he says. The good news for Rafael is that he is able to work off some clues with the police to realize Rose shot Michael. The bad news is that Rose has taken Luisa and fled, deep into the ocean in a submarine. The worse news is that he still has no idea the woman he is trusting with  his hotel and his children is not the same woman he once loved.

Since Jane is already under so much stress, Rogelio tries to avert even more being put on her plate. Jane doesn’t need Rogelio’s fans clamoring to the hospital just because a few of them recognized him while he was there. The tweekers blackmail him into peeing in a cup so that they can pass a drug test. In his embarrassed hurry to conceal the situation from Xiomara, he throws it out. After sharing a moment together in fear, the tweekers return wanting what they asked for. Xiomara offers her own sample since the tweekers are pressing for time, but retracts when she remembers she’s pregnant. She chooses to tell Rogelio. Though he is disappointed, he backs her 100% no matter what, even when she tells him she’s not having the baby. It’s a big thing to say out loud, something she only could have said with someone she trusted completely. Speaking of trusting couples…

At the hospital, Michael’s mother completely takes over. Recall that she hasn’t forgiven Jane for the time she dumped Michael for Rafael. She’s taking medical forms from Jane, criticizing her every movement, even going so far as to call Jane dramatic. Not until that horrible woman is gone does Jane finally get the chance to voice her fears to Alba. The doctor tells Jane she has to decided whether to operate on a bullet near Michael’s spine, or leave it in to see how it progresses. How do you prepare to make a life or death decision for your spouse? Jane knows that Michael would want to fight. She sends her husband off with a story of them growing old with all their kids and their cat. To really appreciate just how deep Michael and Jane’s love goes, we take a trip down memory lane.

From the moment Jane and Michael met, they seemed destined for each other. We know how Michael and Jane were in love when she got pregnant with Mateo. That unexpected detour in her life led to her love triangle with Rafael and Michael. What we didn’t know was that before Rafael was a 1/3 of this equilateral, there was another man in Jane’s life. For two years before Jane met Michael, there was Sam. Sam lagged on asking Jane out, and when he finally did the spark just wasn’t there like it was with Michael. Nevertheless Jane believed she ought to give Sam a chance. She lied to Michael in order to go out with Sam, which promptly came back to bite her. After more mishaps, Michael showed up on Jane’s doorstep to fight for her. Jane appropriately apologized after realizing she liked Michael more than she thought. The rest is history, or back to the present. Michael does come through surgery to make a full recovery. He happily reunites with Jane, and is able to clearly identify his shooter as Susanna. Oh, if only he knew.

Now that Jane and Michael get their happily ever after, it’s time for Jane the Virgin to be Jane the Virgin. Congratulations to Jane on all of it!

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