Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 8: “A Moment” Recap

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 8: “A Moment” Recap

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 8: “A Moment” Recap

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 8 was by far the most powerful episode of the season. We are two episodes away from the finale and most of the secrets that the characters were working overtime to conceal were revealed in a matter of minutes. But Before we get into all of that let’s take it to the very beginning. The episode begins at Tariq’s trial. Davis puts up a good defense, but it’s hardly enough to keep Tariq out of jail because there is evidence and reasonable doubt. The prosecution attempts to play a recording that shows a Tariq had a motive to kill Jabari Reynolds but the prosecution wasn’t in the discovery. Since it’s Davis’s first time hearing it, he asks the judge for an extra day to review the recording before they play it in court. Here’s the catch, Davis can’t play the recording for his client. While Davis is able to buy more time for the defense to strategize what he can’t wait for is his payment. He cautions Tariq to pay him by tomorrow or else he’ll be stuck with a public defender that will screw him over.

Tariq isn’t the only one in hot water. Things are heating up at the Tejada household. Monet asks Diana what Dru and Lorenzo are up to since Dru and his sister are thick as thieves. Diana claims she doesn’t know anything. If she did, she probably wouldn’t tell Monet anything because the trust between the two is completely gone. Monet leaves Diana’s room to take a call from Dante. Diana hears her say Dantes name and she does some snooping and ends up finding out some very important information about Zeke. Monet does some snooping of her own and finds an opened pack of condoms in Diana’s room. Now she knows that Diana is sleeping with Tariq. Selling drugs is the only way that Tariq knows how to get money. Now that Mecca has cut off Monet’s supply there’s only one option left; steal it back. Tariq hatches a plan to steal product from Mecca. Fearing the blowback from crossing the lethal supplier Cane suggests that bring in CTG and framing them for the job. They bring Dru into the plans promising that he can finally pull the trigger on Lil Guap the guy that shot him months ago.

With the recording looming, Davis throws Tariq the alley hoop to listen to the recording that the prosecution wants to use to nail him by leaving his computer open and leaving his office to make dinner reservations. When Tariq listens to the recording he realizes that Lauren was wearing a wire while they were together. Tariq is furious, but Saxe informs him that it was Professor Carrie Milgram that manipulated her into wearing the wire to get the heat off her. Professor Milgram receives a call from Saxe’s prosecutor girlfriend that Tariq may have heard the recording and that Lauren needs to be protected. When Lauren doesn’t show up for class, she goes to her room where she finds Tariq. Tariq informs Carrie that he was looking for Lauren to protect her. Tariq is the master manipulator and he convinces Carrie to do the right thing and take the stand instead of Lauren to protect her even if it means lying.

Carrie testifies that she heard Jabari tell Tariq that the book was about him. But Carrie isn’t a credible witness and Davis rips her to pieces on the stand revealing that she was at one point the main suspect in Professor Reynold’s murder because of her sexual relationship with him, Zeke, and even Davis himself at one point. Outside the courtroom, things are getting heated in the streets. CTG breaks into Mecca’s warehouse, stealing his supply while Dru, Effie, and Brayden hit his apartment. Mecca believes that there is a mole in his crew and slashes Chef one of his guy’s neck while staring into Cane’s eyes. I think he knows that Cane or better yet Monet was somehow behind the attack even though Cane put it in his ear that it was likely CTG because of the manner in which the warehouse was hit. Mecca knows that Monet would have the most to gain by stealing from him since he cut her supply off.

Somehow, beyond all the madness the Tejadas all make it home to dinner. Tonight, dinner in the Tejada household is an intense moment of truth. Monet calls Diana out when she lies about being at Zeke’s game that day. Diana reveals that Monet is cheating with a man named Dante and she also spills the beans about Cane stealing the supply so that he could become the connect. Diana drops a bombshell when she reveals that Zeke is Monet’s son and that he’s 23 years old not 19. She slaps Zeke’s original birth certificate right on the dining table. Monet admits that it’s true. This admission puts Zeke’s career in the NBA jeopardy because it’s a major violation to lie about your age. Zeke storms off and Lorenzo tells Monet to leave. Monet fears losing Zeke for good and she ends up at Professor Milgram’s apartment. “He’ll never come back to me if he has you,” Monet says. Carrie reveals that after her day in court she’s lost everything, including her job and her credibility. When pops up at Carrie’s apartment, he finds her body hanging from the ceiling. Was it a murder or a suicide?

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