Five Predictions We’re Making About The Clone High Reboot

Reboots have become especially popular over the last several years, and the animated world has also been getting in on the action. The short-lived cartoon Clone High is officially making a comeback. This time, however, the series, which originally aired on MTV, has been picked up by HBO Max for two seasons. Even though it’s been almost 20 years since the original series started and ended, the show still has a dedicated fan base. That said, the reboot is going to have to do things a little differently if it wants to appeal to a wide audience and give itself a shot at longevity. Continue reading to see some of our predictions for the reboot of Clone High.

1. There Will Be A New Cast

So far, there haven’t been lots of specific details released about the Clone High reboot. One of the major questions lots of people have is whether the original cast members will return to reprise their roles. The original cast was great and arguably one of the best things about the show. Sadly, I have a feeling that the new iteration of the series will feature a new cast. As of now, it doesn’t look like any of the original cast members have made any announcements about returning to the show, and many of them seem to already have a lot on their plates. That’s not to say that the old cast won’t be involved at all, but it seems likely that there will be new voices.

2. New Characters Will Be Introduced

Not only do I think that the reboot will feature a new cast, but I also think there will be new characters. In the original series, characters included people like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Joan of Arc. I’d be a little surprised if we saw any of those characters again. A new show means that there’s a new opportunity to bring in other historical figures and there are lots of other people that will probably resonate more with today’s audience. Plus, since the show only lasted for one season and never gained widespread popularity, changing the characters probably won’t ruffle too many feathers.

3. The Reboot Will Be More Mindful Of Potential Controversy

Although an official reason for Clone High’s cancelation was never revealed, it is generally believed that the show ended due to low ratings. However, another popular opinion is that the show’s controversial depiction of Mahatma Gandhi played a role in the cancelation. According to CBR, “This clone of Gandhi was a party animal, a ladies man and an all-around loser with a jerk’s personality. People in India heard about the depiction of Gandhi and were so angered that they wanted the show canceled. 150 politicians, including Gandhi’s grandson, held a hunger strike in front of the MTV India offices while the head of Viacom was visiting, trapping him in the building. The protestors threatened to revoke MTV India’s television broadcast license unless the show was taken off the air.” While the show will probably still be a little edgy, it’s also likely that they will try a little harder to steer clear of controversy. Today’s audience definitely doesn’t have a very high tolerance for things that they feel are offensive, and the show could find itself in the same boat if producers aren’t careful.

4. The Show Won’t Last Beyond Two Seasons

Since HBO Max launched in the spring of 2020, the platform has been working hard to build a catalog of original content. Clone High is a part of the streaming service’s attempt to bring in more animated projects. Since HBO Max has already ordered two seasons of the show, it’s clear that they’re excited about bringing the show back. However, it would be someone surprising if the show gets renewed for a third season. Reboots can be challenging. Even shows that were way more successful than Clone High often struggle to make comebacks. On top of that, most reboots survive off the strength of the original — at least in the beginning. But since Clone High never achieved mainstream popularity, it doesn’t have a massive fanbase.

5. The Show Will Be Adapted To The Present Day

In the original Clone High, the cloned historical figures were created in the 80s. This made sense at the time because high school students in the early 2000s would’ve been born in the mid to late 80s. These days, however, it would make more sense for the clones to have been created in the mid-2000s. As mentioned earlier, it would also probably make more sense for the show to pick some different historical figures.

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