Obi-Wan Kenobi: Part I and II Recap

The wait is over and Obi-Wan Kenobi is back, and somehow, it’s not quite what was expected, to be polite.  There are spoilers coming as the show did just premiere on Disney+, but whether people are going to be disappointed to know what’s coming or not is debatable since there are a few moments of interest in the first two episodes, but there are also a few missteps that didn’t feel quite as generic as they could have given what knowledge people might have concerning Obi-Wan and his overall story. It’s not too surprising to see that the titular character is laying low on Tatooine, it’s not even surprising to see that he’s essentially given up. He’s still watching over Luke, no matter that Owen Lars is of the mind that he’s not needed. Owen’s dig at Obi-Wan concerning his training of Anakin was already seen in the trailer, but it’s still a low blow that’s hard to blame Owen for bringing up. Obi-Wan has other concerns, however, especially since there are no less than four Inquisitors on his trail. 

The look back at the day that Palpatine initiated Order 66 was interesting as it gave another view of the Jedi Temple and how the fully-fledged Jedi were attempting to keep their students safe while fighting off the clone troopers. Cutting to Obi-Wan and his plight turns the story depressing for a moment since one has to realize that he’s lost his entire way of life and he has to stay in hiding lest he is found and exterminated by the Empire. But there are moments in episodes 1 and 2 that are interesting to be certain. The realization that there are still Jedi in the galaxy isn’t surprising, as following the implementation of Order 66, many Jedi ran, some fought their way to freedom, and many disappeared to survive. The fact that there are those masquerading as Jedi, and there are Jedi that are trying to keep away from the Empire, is not at all surprising. 

What’s also not surprising is that the Inquisitors are very, very good at finding them, and aren’t forgiving when they find them. It would also appear that the Inquisitors aren’t too worried about the common folk, since the Third Sister was quick to remove the hand of a woman that dared to question her. Plus, the Third Sister has something against Obi-Wan, as it’s made clear that she’s been hunting him all this time. But the reason for this becomes even clearer since Reva, aka Third Sister, is fanatical in her desire to find Kenobi. During a rooftop chase, she even taunts Kenobi with one of the only hints of knowledge that would get to him, the fact that Anakin was still alive. This is seen to wreak havoc on Kenobi’s state of mind, but it doesn’t throw him off the mission that he takes on for Bail Organa, who actually makes his way to Tatooine after his daughter, Leia, is kidnapped. Without too much surprise, this is a lure to bring Kenobi out of hiding, but this is where things backfire as reluctantly, Kenobi takes on the task of rescuing the young princess, and proves that he’s still a hardened fighter, even if his connection to the Force isn’t what it used to be. 

The focus on Princess Leia is interesting since the young girl is just as irascible as one might have guessed, and a little too intelligent for her own good at times. But the chase scene in which she attempts to evade her kidnappers came off as less than effective, as did the chase through the market scene in which Leia was attempting to flee from Obi-Wan when she refused to believe that he was there to help her. But for the most part, this limited series starts off on a course that many might have expected and ends up heading along a path that does appear as though it will force Kenobi to collide with the Inquisitors, and maybe even Darth Vader at one point. Whether he’ll end up running into any other Jedi is questionable, but it does feel likely since it would be kind of odd if such a thing didn’t happen. 

It would also be amusing if those that didn’t think that The Book of Boba Fett worked believed that this show was masterfully done since the truth is that Kenobi has at this point continued to prove the point that Lucasfilm is somehow missing what Star Wars is all about, and is slowly but surely driving the franchise into obscurity. It’s an opinion to be certain, but at the same time, it’s one that many people are willing to echo. Star Wars is still a highly favored franchise that many find appealing, but at this point, much of what’s been seen has made it clear that this franchise might eventually need one massive reboot. 

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