What We Know about the Just Cause Video Game Movie So Far

Just Cause

Thanks to Cooper Hood from ScreenRant and a few others we know that the Just Cause movie will be written by the same person that’s responsible for the wildly popular John Wick movies, Derek Kolstad. Because of this the chances of Just Cause being a wild and out of control thrill ride are going to be better than good since Kolstad obviously knows how to write an action flick and has no trouble keeping it thrilling enough for people to keep watching with baited breath for what’s going to happen next. Obviously the story is going to be quite different than the Wick movies but at the same time the pace and voice of the writer is something that you don’t get away from so quickly since most writers are quite set in their ways when it comes to creating one story after another. Kolstad might have switch the tone of his wheelhouse a bit when it comes to writing the Just Cause story but at the same time he might actually have a little more freedom since with John Wick things had to be out of control but still fairly believable, while with Just Cause it’s looking like he might have a lot more leeway depending on which way the filmmakers want to go. In other words, the bar is already set pretty high, but going above and over it might be possible with this coming movie.

Amrita Khalid from Engadget reminds us that Just Cause was a big hit when it first came out well over a decade ago, but after its fourth installment things kind of went downhill for the franchise as the fourth game was considered a big flop and not worthy of the fame that the first three experienced. Fortunately though the hope is that a movie franchise could possibly revive the whole thing and make the game stand up and sing again. The only downfall here is that video games have a rather horrible track record when it comes to be translated into movies, as a lot of them have been absolutely horrible and only a handful have ever come close to being considered to be something unique and great. From Mortal Kombat to Tomb Raider to one of the most recent, Rampage, a lot of video game movies have come out with high expectations but thanks to the fact that some of them haven’t worked close enough to the source material or have had to make up various bits and pieces they’ve died a horrible, miserable death at the box office. Resident Evil might be one of the few that actually went the distance with the first movie since it didn’t appease fans all that much but it did manage to entertain people given the novelty of it. Mortal Kombat, the first movie, was the same way, as fans were a little more forgiving simply because they were seeing one of their favorite games in live action finally. But after the novelty wore off it was pretty obvious that what was being doled out was less than worthy of the games, and there was simply too much backlash and too few profits to really keep going with some of them. In fact Resident Evil was perhaps one of the only ones that really seemed to push forward with a firm goal in mind to see things through to an end, no matter what it might be. As Keza MacDonald of The Guardian might say, no one has been able to quite crack that code yet.

Just Cause is a new game compared to a lot of those that have been shown on the big screen, and its content has been a part of the more updated technological era that seems to lend itself just a little more to the big screen treatment. So perhaps it will be that this quality will make the movie flow a little better, but it might also reach the kind of fame that people are hoping for thanks to its writer. Anyone that can write the kind of story that people are willing to come back for again and again obviously has a chance to get people hooked on another one given time and opportunity. It sounds as though the movie won’t be coming out until 2020 but at this point people have been waiting for something, anything to come along that can grab their attention and it’s easy to think that they might gladly wait and see if this movie can possibly pull Just Cause from the doldrums back into the realm of popularity that it was enjoying before the fourth game was released. If nothing else it might be a fun and engaging movie that will serve as another great idea that people are willing to embrace.

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