Hook Star Dante Basco Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Rufio Prequel

Hook Star Dante Basco Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Rufio Prequel

Considering all of the horrible movie ideas out there that actually make it to the big screen, I actually find this one to be completely legit.  While Steven Spielberg’s Hook never got any credit for being a good movie, I always thought it was kind of fun.  Far and away the best parts of the movie are when adult Peter Pan is trying to get his mojo back with The Lost Boys.  Their leader, Rufio, was one of the more dynamic characters of the movie.  Now some 26 years after Hook was released the actor who played Rufio, Dante Basco, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a movie about the character.

Basco and his group are seeking $30,000 to make the short film Bangarang, which will tell the story of an orphaned Rufio – originally named Roofus – before he came to Neverland. On the Kickstarter page, the film is described as being “about believing in yourself, and not letting your past define you are. Finding your destiny and forcing it into existence.” Currently sitting at $5,846, the campaign is open until March 14.

Not only am I behind this idea but why not go for a feature film?  I can totally see this working. Perhaps not from Dante’s perspective but the idea of doing something around Rufio is very appealing.  I think that if Dante tries to get into the kids market this could really play well.  How about a cartoon called “Bangarang: Rufio’s Adventures in Neverland?”  Since Jake and the Pirates is such a big success this wouldn’t be too far a stretch.

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