Want to Watch Old School Milo Ventimiglia? See “Winter Break”

Want to Watch Old School Milo Ventimiglia?  See “Winter Break”

Now there’s a blast from the past. Sorry, so cliche but I had to. If you’ve seen Milo in anything it’s probably been in Rocky Balboa, Heroes, Grown Ups 2, and a whole list of other appearances including This Is Us. He’s more of a star than many people seem to know but he’s been so under the radar for so much of his career that a lot of people don’t even know his name. They either know him as “that guy” or by a character name that is a lot easier to pronounce. That’s really too bad because he’s a great actor and possesses a range that’s kind of impressive really.

In Winter Break he’s a young guy that’s looking for an opportunity to get his life on track and instead decides to go with his friends to a Colorado resort where they proceed to ski and drink and drink and ski, but hopefully never both at the same time. The movie even has a young Paul Finch in it as the wild man in the bunch, but obviously that’s not his name. It looks like a fun movie and must have been made within the past twenty years or so since Milo isn’t really THAT old yet.

He’s just a kid in this film however, fresh-faced and innocent and definitely headed for either fame or obscurity. It’s surprising that he fell somewhere in the middle and remained popular enough to cast but not to become familiar among his fans. There’s no doubt someone out there that knows his name very well and won’t hesitate to use it, but to many people he’s just “that guy”. It’s gotten him by so far since he’s done a lot since Winter Break. He’s had movie and TV roles aplenty and not just bit parts either.

His bit parts include stuff like the disturbing film Gamer in which he plays an avatar that’s being controlled by another person. That stinker wasn’t even worth mentioning save for the fact that Milo had a short part in it. TV roles such as Peter in Heroes however lasted for a while and actually saw him flexing his abilities as an actor in ways we hadn’t seen yet. Then there’s Rocky Balboa, where he gets to play Robin Balboa, son of Rocky and the biggest surprise of anyone. You would have thought that any son of Rocky would be big, bulky, and able to knock people out with one punch. But instead they had him take after his mother and be a slim, almost wallflower type.

Most recently he’s been starring in This Is Us and has been getting great reviews as he plays the deceased patriarch of his family and shows up in flashbacks throughout the show. Thus far it’s been lauded as one of the greatest shows on TV and Milo has been a part of it for quite some time. He’s on track to being a great actor, but it might be due more to the fact that he’s been so low-key and hasn’t really come out strong with his talent.


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