What We Know about Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 So Far

It’s easy to understand why there are so many fans of Mob Psycho 100. The story, which saw its first season in 2016, was adapted from Japanese manga that had already garnered a massive and dedicated following. In fact, the printed version of the story had become so wildly popular that it had already sold more than one million copies before the first season of the show ever even came into existence.

Waiting and Watching

With a show that did its first season in 2016 and is only now potentially embarking on a third season, it’s obvious that fans have had to do a lot of waiting in between. After all, it’s been five years since the show started and thus far, they have only put forth two seasons. The show follows a young school-age boy named Shigeo Kageyama, nicknamed Mob. Everyone around him thinks that he’s just like every other kid that goes to school, but he is actually something quite different from all of the other people around him. Although others don’t yet know it, he has a massive amount of talent with psychic powers, something that he is actually coming to terms with at this very point in time.


The show actually deals with a lot of emotional turmoil, the type of emotional turmoil that you typically feel when you’re a teenager who is trying to sort out who you are becoming in life and what you really want to do with it. The boy in the story is no different from everyone else in that respect. However, he has to be careful about allowing his emotions to get the best of him. When he becomes overly emotional, he essentially loses control of his psychic abilities. Not only is he psychic, but also telekinetic. When he becomes overly emotional, things start to move on their own, even when he doesn’t consciously want them to. He realizes fairly early on that he is a danger to himself and others. As a direct result, he largely lives his life in isolation, trying desperately to keep control of his emotions. When he is at school or any other place where he is forced to be around other people, he often finds it difficult to do so. As such, he doesn’t allow himself to have the same experiences that other people his age have the opportunity to enjoy. It’s basically a story about growing up in the most poignant sense possible, with some very good action and a little magic thrown in to drive the point home.

Will There be a Season 3 ?

It’s important to note that season two ended a little more than two years ago. Furthermore, it ended in such a way that the final show of season two could very well have been considered the finale for the entire series. That said, fans have been asking for a third season since shortly after the last season concluded. Unfortunately, there haven’t been a lot of answers thus far. What is known is that the company that produces the printed version, ONE, is all about giving the show a third season. Furthermore, there seems to be enough material to do so if the studio that produced the show, BONES, and the director, Yuzuru Tachikawa, are careful in their approach with another season. By all accounts, there are about 10 chapters of the published version that have yet to be covered. By fleshing out those stories a bit more, it might be possible for both the director and the studio to get one more season out of the material that already exists.

Rumors of Another Season

There have been plenty of rumors about another season. Not surprisingly, the rumors abound here just like they do in practically every other arena. However, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Right now, the only thing that is known for certain is that fans of the show can watch and re-watch their favorite episodes from seasons one and two on Netflix. Beyond that, there isn’t a great deal of information unless you want to base everything on rumors alone. The big takeaway from all of this is that there still seems to be some hesitation to do a third season, although no one has categorically ruled it out. That said, no one seems to be in the mood to comment on it on an official basis, either.

There is Still Hope

People that really love the show are still holding out hope that a third season will eventually become a reality. In fact, the studio that makes the show is known for generating content as rapidly as any studio out there once it actually greenlights a project. As a direct result, it may be possible to generate a full season in a matter of only a few short months. Unfortunately, nothing can happen until the project becomes official. Right now, all there really is a lot of rumor and conjecture about whether or not season three will ever happen.

By and large, it seems like there is some concern over the fact that the 10 remaining chapters from the print version of the story may not be enough to generate an entire season. As previously mentioned, it might be possible to expand on the story that already exists and get a full season out of it. Even if the television studio is reluctant to do that, there may still be hope that a shorter season might come along just to wrap up the story. Until there is official word from either BONES or the director, all fans can really do is wait and hope, all while rewatching the first two seasons. If they’re lucky, they’ll eventually get that third season. At the moment, there really isn’t anything concrete to go on but at least those tied to the project’s first two seasons haven’t completely ruled out the possibility of getting together to do one more round.

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